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Small perpsssse
Small wp scope plugin 720x500 min

Have Periscope Videos Auto-Curate Content Into Your Wordpress Website

You probably have heard of the PeriScope app on Twitter right?

If not, you may have not, but MILLIONS of users have and are using it all day long around the world!!!

Think. That means there is millions of free content that you could use to help fill up a Wordpress site. Not that you want a million Wordpress posts :)

You can get SEO ninja with the settings and be as picky as you want.

What do I mean by being a ninja marketer?

  • Choose one user to curate from like a celebrity, popular account, your own account etc...
  • Use search features to refine specific keywords, languages and geo locations from where people are using Periscope

What is the Single Biggest Problem With Periscope Right NOW?

It doesn't save Periscope videos for longer than 24 hours!!

What does that mean for you? It means you have the power to save those videos forever and be the first to do so.

You are doing something not even periscope users can do, saving their own videos to use elsewhere on the web like:

  • Upload to a Youtube Channel
  • Upload to a DailyMotion Channel
  • Post to a Wordpress post
  • Share on Facebook
  • Tweet out to Followers on Twitter

This is just a taste of some of the ideas to use curate Periscope videos to Wordpress or a Youtube channel.

Use this curated content service for your own money site, PBN sites, client sites.

Be the first to help clients curate their Periscope videos to their own blog!!!

What is on Offer?

When you become a client of mine you are getting:

• A personally installed 1x copy of the WPScope plugin that normally retails from $97 on one wordpress blog of your choice.
• You will get lifetime updates to the plugin for FREE that you can do whenever one comes out! 
• No ongoing cost at all.
• Access to all the how to instruction videos that take you step by step through all the settings to personalize what you want the plugin to do.

What has it personally done for me so far?

• The uploaded Periscope videos on Youtube indexed and ranked for the longtail keywords in under 10 minutes
• The curated posts took a deindexed PBN domain and got it indexed again, probably just through pure good regular content that kept the Google crawlers spidering the site all the time.
• Added a unique element of curated content to my PBN's and money sites on auto

To read the FAQ's on the WPScope plugin you can read them all here

What are you waiting for jump in and take action straight away with using Periscope for your SEO.

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