High Authority Linked PBN Domain - SUPER X Powerful - Niche Relevance Domain.

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What I Offer:

Expired Domain with Industry Specific AUTHORITY SITE Backlink:

 A SUPER-POWERFUL & CLEAN expired domain with all the standard high metrics other sellers are offering BUT - The domain will be relevant to your niche and will have a backlink from an Authority website.

The domain will pass all the standard quality checks.

  • Spam Free backlinks - checked
  • High TF - CF - Majestic checked
  • High DA - PA - MOZ checked
  • Web.Archive.org - checked
  • Contain an Authority Website - Niche Specific (!) Backlink

No other PBN domain seller on Source Wave can offer a Super X - domain for sale, for you to pick up and use for your Niche Specific - PBN.

With Content and Context of a link, now way more important (supersedes) anchor text - your links authority is vitally important to boosting your ranking to the top of Google.

Context is the new Anchor text. You can't get a better backlink on your PBN than one that has an Authority Backlink of Super Power strength.

Why Is My Service Unique on Source Wave?

 My name is Greg Gillespie and I am an SEO Consultant with 6 years experience in ranking my clients sites which have produced millions of dollars in sales.

The domains I source for you, are way more powerful than just a niche specific expired domain.

The domains I source for you, are way more powerful than just a domain with a non-relevant authority site backlink.

What I supply is both - Niche Specific domain - & - Niche Specific HIGH DA Authority website Backlink.

How It Works?

You select from the closest related niche and I source the expired super powerful domain for you to purchase from your desired domain registrar, i.e. GoDaddy.

You can select from the following niche's to get as close a match to your industry/niche.

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Games
  • Health
  • Home
  • News
  • Recreation
  • Reference
  • Regional
  • Science
  • Shopping
  • Society
  • Sports
I find the domain and send it to you for you to register.

What Are The Metrics On Offer?

Standard Metrics - $15/domain:

PA > 15
DA > 10
CF > 10
TF > 10

Better Metrics - $19/domain:

PA > 20
DA > 15
CF > 15
TF > 10

Best Metrics - $27/site:

PA > 30
DA > 20
CF > 20
TF > 15

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If you are not happy with your domain, simply message me and I can organize one you will be happy with.