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This is a really effective SEO service and a really great way to get link juice. Contextual Backlinks give you great page authority and diversity. These Tumblr links will help you out and give your site authority. I see that google LOVES these kind of links.


This is 100% white hat SEO. That means that it is google safe. I do everything manually myself. No crazy blog managing software. This is not some crap service that damages your site. You can see results below. Also, make sure to read the incredible reviews bellow.


We are new on konker, and we keep this crazy-low price for reviews. This is a effective quality service. For only 29 buckeroos you get awesome juicy Tumblr links. I dont think you can get better links for the same low investment. We dont really make any money because of this crazy offer. This is a limited time offer.

These are our powerhouse links, and they are strong. This is not a low quality gig , these links will be more powerful than 200+ spam links.


  • DA 98
  • PA 38-49 ( average PA 47)
  • up to 5800 referring domains (insane!)
  • Good Backlinks
  • NO REBLOGS! I do everything manually to have full control over the links.

What you get with this gig:

  • Every link on different Tumblr.
  • 1 link per post.
  • 1 keyword per post (link)
  • 2 keywords per post
  • Every post includes a few sentences (I can use your unique text if you want)
  • 4 at once it the sweet spot! don't be fooled by people selling more. 
  • Complete money back guarantee if I dont deliver what I describe on this page =)

I'll leave you with some no BS sample rankings and stats.

The above rankings are with 9-36 links in average difficulty niches.

Please no adult or pharma websites and only English sites/keywords.

Great for new sites.

You are literally getting links from top 47 site on the internet. How crazy is that.

Look at the crazy backlinks these Tumblrs have!!! Meetup, Blogspot and Instagram!!!!!

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