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Hey fellow SEO consultant, expert or agency owner,

Are you struggling to get more high paying clients on demand?

Trust me, I've been there (heck, I had to survive by eating Ramen noodles for 6 months back in 2014) but I managed to crack the code and sell my digital marketing agency with a team of 40 staff in the Philippines and Australia for a good exit of 7 figures in April 2015

Since then, I've personally coached and mentored dozens of SEO consultants, experts and agency owners like yourself to leverage proven client acquisition systems in order to build a million dollar agency in 12 months or less.

Many of my success stories can be read in my recent training video below: "The Ultimate B2B Facebook Ads Strategy That Allows You to Attract More Clients, Customers and Deals on Demand".

So you may be wondering, "If you've done so well, why the heck are you here?"
Great question, here's why: 
I want to help you achieve a breakthrough in 60 minutes or less so that you can finally stop worrying about whether you'll have enough revenue come into your bank account, month in and month out.

In the video above, I discuss how I have developed a strategy to combine both account-based marketing and Facebook advertising in order to attract your dream clients (not headache deadbeat clients who pay you small fees like $500/month and expect diamond-level customer service from you but clients who would LOVE to pay you $3k/month , $5k/month and even >$10k/month).

So if you're ready to invest a little in order to achieve a lot and perhaps even breakthrough any client getting 'obstacles' then feel free to take me up on my breakthrough service and I promise your business will not be the same after we talk.

So go ahead and book a $97 (60 minutes session) and save $300 today. 

See you on the inside!

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