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I've got a shit ton of programming experience, but I'm not a programmer. I'm a marketer. I've built a bunch of software products, some were a hit, some bombed. But the winners waaaaaay made up for the losers.

Why are you selling somebody else's stuff? They get most of the profit and they get the customer (if you know why that matters, then we can definitely work together). With your own product(s), you get to keep all the money while you build a list of happy customers who will keep buying stuff from you.

If you've got an idea for a product that sounds interesting to me, either to build or to market, we can talk about equity sharing instead of cash upfront (as long as we make sure that Konker gets taken care of).

I can get an MVP out the door, fast! Get your product into the hands of buyers iterate the shit out of it so you get maximum market penetration at a maximum profit point.

Let's talk.

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