Genuine Press Release Distribution and PR article - Traffic / Sales within 48hrs

10 days estimated (12 days guaranteed) >
8 days on average

Special Limited period offer

Press Release is now affordable by anybody!!!

Do you know why the Rich always get richer?

It is because they take action to get results fast.

Especially when it comes to ranking,

they rely so much on PR distribution to make a killing. You too can do

the same with my service.

This is the only service in the whole of Konker offering Press Release Writing and Distribution making it affordable to all. Why should only the rich take advantage of it? You too can now do so using this service!!!

Target major news sites like Google News, Bing News, ABC, CNN,

NBC, FOX news, PR Media list etc.(this will cost $150, Now revised to $120) to market your brand or product

and get instant traffic and sales!!!

If you want to scale higher quickly then PR distribution is a must.

Don’t worry about writing the article; I will cover you for that.

Stop spending $300 - $400 for single PR distribution and don’t rely on

dirt cheap services instead look for genuine and quality services.

$$$  Money Back guarantee for the service with delivery within 14

days $$$  (P.S. - 14 days is the maximum time but usually I am able to deliver within 5 days based upon the number of orders)

**  Guarantee - See traffic coming to your site within 48-72 hours of

PR Distribution **

Guaranteed Google News pick up.

High authority back links provided.


Choose the right kind of package for your business to grow manifold

and see results within 48 hours :

Packages offered :    


1. Writing a Professional PR copy for 300-400 words - $10

(Special writing is $10 extra)

2. Distribution to 4 paid sites - $15

3. Distribution to 5 paid sites - $20

4. Distribution - 2 paid PR + 25 Free PR sites - $15

5. Distribution - 2 paid + 40 Free PR sites - $20

6. Distribution - 4 paid + 40 free sites - $30

7. Distribution - 4 paid + 100 free sites - $40

8. Distribution - 300+ media outlets (no free sites only HA PR sites) – $50

9. Distribution - 375 media sites - $60

10. Distribution - FOX, ABC + 400+ news sites - $120

If you need major news sites like FOX, ABC, NBC etc then it will be $150 - revised price is $120 for limited period for distribution alone.

For those of you who are under budget constraints but want the FOX, ABC etc, distribution, send me a message and I will give you a SUPER DISCOUNT!!!

How to choose the above:

The gig cost of $10 is for writing the PR copy. If you want special writing then add $10 extra. If you already have the PR copy with you then just choose the distribution services.

You can choose Paid sites, Free sites, media outlets and News sites or a combination of two or more.

If you have any questions, message me before placing the order!!

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I have been in Internet Marketing business for the past 3 years and loving it!!! I only do things I honestly believe in. Customer experience is my highest priority. If you need Quality service, I mean "real Quality" service, then look no further. My goal is to see you happy and satisfied. Cheers!!!