Privacy Policy

We offer Following Privacy Policy.

Do not share all information you provided, or you shared on this platform.

Do not abuse your information for any other purpose.


Personal Information

Usually, we require only email from you.

Sometimes(when detected unusual activity), We may require personal information include your email, location and phone number.

Do not share your email, location and phone number, only use for spam prevention.


Payments Information

If you use gigs on this marketplace, we will also collect certain payment information.

Do not use this for any other purpose.

Will be used for refund process when buyer request refund.


Identity Verification

We may request your photo id(national identity card or Passport, or other what you could prove your identity), proof of Address(Taxpayer information or Utility Bill Document, or other what you could prove your address).

You will be notified as your identity is verified.


Third Party Information

We could get your information from Third party.

Use for Authentication.

Do not share any information which taken from third party.