Highest Quality GSA SER 4 tier 25 day dripfeed backlink service

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Let me prove to you my service works!

Highly diversified backlinks service providing quality drip feed links with multiple tiers so you get a ton of juice delivered in a safe and effective way. 

+ Dominate the serps

+ give your links the juice they need

+power up your buffer sites and youtube videos

+ Great for Youtube Videos, Buffers, web2.0s, url shortners, 301 redirects, parasites and churn and burn campaigns. 

Hi, they call me DaddyDelivery and I want to welcome you to my gig. I have been using GSA for over 3 years now and I am a master with it understanding exactly how to use it in a way to get the most power from every campaign while at the same time keeping it as safe as possible. I will personally be setting up and running your campaign from start to finish. The links you will receive from my service are the highest quality links you can get with gsa. With every filter and option I carefully manually select by hand for your specific campaign so you only get the best, safest, strongest links. This is what you will receive. 

Tier 1: 

2000 Contexual Backlinks drip feed over 25 days for maximum safety and efficiency. You will get links from Articles, Wikis, Web2.0s, and high authority domains like tumblr and rebelmouse.  These 2000 contextual links are the high quality and this is why: 

Not only do I personally monitor and set up every project by hand, but for each project I custom build articles for it based on your niche. Be ware of other companies that use generic or the same articles over and over again. I will make 40-80 SPUN articles ONLY used for your project and your specific niche ensuring the content out there on the internet is as unique as possible and as relevant as possible to your project making google fall in love with your links. 

Tier 2: 

10,000+ Quality Mix Follow and Dofollow tier 2 links to index the tier 1 links fast. 

All links get sent to the highest quality PAID indexing service on the internet,  drip feed over a month so your links get found by google fast in a natural way. 


200 social bookmarks as a bonus, free, as a way for me to thank you for deciding to choose me to do business with. I use almost 20 different bookmarking platforms so you get a variety of bookmarks drip feed over 25 days for a completely natural look. 

At the end you are left with a powerful, high quality natural looking backlink profile which will defiantly help you rank in the SERPS with ease. 

Clean report to prove to you we delivered. 

I will provide a work report for you containing every single live link created. I personally review this report and check each link before I send you the report insuring every link you paid for is delivered. 

Now a question a lot of people don't think about but is important is: 

What about anchor texts percentages? If you use to manyof the same anchor that will not look natural in google's eyes. 

No worries my friend. I do seo for a living and stay up to date on the best anchor text %s you can use. You will get the perfect amount of:

 exact match anchors, partial match anchors, branding anchors, LSI anchors, generic anchors and domain name anchors. I will create each of these for you and visually inspect them before I start your campaign ensuring you get the STRONGEST, most RELEVANT and SAFEST gsa campaign links you can possibly receive. 

It is safe to send all those links in that short of time? 

100% safe. I have sent 14,000 links in 2 weeks before with no problem. 

What about all the Tech stuff? 

I have a super powerful dedicated server I run gsa ser off of and gsa ser's capcha solver so I can handle hundreds of orders and full fill them. 

Proxies: I use over 500 high quality powerful proxies so there will be no footprint. 

Emails: I use fresh private emails that I only use for each specific campaign, insuring your links are safe and stay live. 

Updated List: My list is always around 150,000-200,000 verified links and I constantly update it so you only get links from fresh, new quality sites. 

Updated GSA: GSA is always being updated and it's important to use the newest version you can. Usually within an hour of a GSA update my GSA has already been updated insuring your campaign is being run off the new version of GSA that exists keeping your links safe and steadily being created. 

Indexing: I use Indexification.com so your links will go live FAST which means you will start to get the juice from your newly created links right away. 

Capcha: I use two capcha solving services. 1: gsa captcha breaker. If that fails then I use captchatronix.com. Why two services? Well for really high quality GSA links a lot of times 1 capcha breaker service, espically a basic one won't solve the hard capchas. this is actually very bad because the hard to solve capchas are always on the sites with the extremely powerful links. Because of that if the capcha fails on GSA's capcha breaker the capcha gets sent to captchatronix.com which solves almost every capcha it gets sent, ensuring you get lots of live links from very POWERFUL places. 

100% Google Safe from updates like Panda, Penguin, and any other animal out there. 

Knowledgeable customer support

Piece of mind knowing your entire campaign from start to finish is being created, monitored, checked periodically, and then finally the report sent to you by me, DaddyDelivery. Rest assured you are in good hands. 

So how's it work? 

1: We build 60-80 spun custom articles specifically for you and custom tailored your project

We customize your entire campaign inside GSA to make sure it is PERFECT

Links get build, report gets sent, and Rankings happen. 

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My name is Zakee and I'm from the UK. I have started SEO over 6 years ago and have started a successful SEO agency. Before starting the business, I ranked affiliate sites and videos and made around $200 per day in passive income. SEO has changed my life and now I'm going to help it change yours.