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Small 5 star syndwire
Small syndwire accounts
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Get Social Signals Blast from MY Syndwire account

For Only $15, I will use MY Syndwire account and MY social networks to give your Youtube video, Blog posts or websites a powerful social signals blast. Get an unfair advantage over your competitors with inclusion up to 35 social bookmarks for maximum ranking power.

These blasts are Extremely powerful in google eyes right now and are great for ranking videos, blog posts, or just for building social signals to your money site in general.

Check my Syndwire account image for current screenshot of our SyndWire dashboard and all of the accounts that your blast will go out on. I have multiple unique accounts on twitter and others to boost up to 35+ Total Bookmarks. 

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If your blast is not delivered in 7 days, you get your money back. You will not receive a report with this gig. The reason for this is it just takes more time to produce and honestly the majority of people who need social signals have no need for link reports. This gig is primarily geared towards marketers who know and understand how social signals can affect the properties they’re attempting to rank and boost but really don’t have any interest in bothering with lengthy link reports and just want a simple, affordable, and done-for-you solution.

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