Get 2 Business Homestars Reviews From Humans That STICKS Permanently

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We will give you Perfect Reviews of your Local Business/Company and New Home Inspection @ Homestars.... that will sticks permanently

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Get People Connected With Your Great Local Businesses/Companies and New Home Inspection Through HOMESTARS

Buy 2 Homestars Reviews at the moment for Just $20 to confirm the Consistency of Our REVIEWS


ShilohSEO SERVICES is here with a unique Homestars ReviewS from humans that sticks permanently.

"YOU Must Have Tried to get more “Homestars Reviews” – that is fast and trouble-free in order to boost your firm, company or local business? Perhaps  you have your reviews dropped by HOMESTARS within a short period of time? OR YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THIS!''

Then, try this....................

Significance of Homestars  Reviews

✔ Increase your Reputation over other business in the same category

✔ Increases your business profit

✔ improves your local business visibility in your local area.

✔ Increases your page Ranking

✔ Increases your customers

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Image result for homestars review images


This package entitles you 2 (two) Eeviews for a Homestars Business page of your choice.

We guarantee you that each review will be delivered from:
✔  An aged, phone verified Yelp account

✔ A Google account that has a location specific optimized profile

✔ 100% risk free

 *   It will STICK LONG TERM

✔ Maximum customers satisfaction

Review Requirements

  • Email address and postal/zip code are required for verification.
  • Your review must be legal and non-infringing.
  • Reviews must be written in English and contain only family-friendly content.
  • No commercial content (URLs, email addresses, code, etc).
  • Employees and family members of employees cannot review their own company.
  • Reviews cannot contain the full names of employees.
  • Reviews cannot be written by or about minors (under the age of 18).
  • Reviews must be based on a financial transaction between a homeowner and company.
  • Review content is permitted to the work or service performed by the company.
  • Reviews cannot be written in response to other reviews.


Q. How long will the review last?

Ans: I assure you that the review will stick long because all reviews will come from aged Google accounts

Q, What is your refund guaranteed period?

Ans: I guaranteed 30 days refund if the review drops before 30 days.

Q. Do you have any refund policy?

Ans: Yes.

If the review drops before 30 days, i will provide another review. If it drops again, I will issue full refund.

 Q. Do you also guarantee that the review will stick on newly created HomeStars business page?

Ans: Google review will only stick on new account provided

1. The HomeStars business account is older than 5 months

2. The business account is verified with

If the account has not gone through any of the 2 conditions, I do not guarantee the that the review will stay. Therefore, no refund will be issue even it the review does not stick.

Q. Do you handle bulk orders?

AnsYes I do

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