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5 days on average

Step by Step How Guide How I Rank a Site #1 in Google in 14 days Using Viral Media: Link


Here Is What You Get:

  • 3 PBN links from different PBN's from my personal network
  • Over 2000 Backlinks From a Variety Of Sources -You will get mixture of links from:

    -Article directories
    -Blog comments
    -Image comments
    -Social bookmarks
    -Social networks
    -Video submissions
    -Web 2.0
  • 600 video embeds
  • 600 social signals


  1. 3 PBN links from different PBN's from my personal network. (I used to charge $54 for this alone)
  2. Over 2000 Backlinks From a Variety Of Sources (I used to charge $25 for this alone)
  3. 600 video embeds. (I charge $38 for this alone)
  4. 600 social signals. (I charge $10 for this alone)

Total Value: $127

Get it now for only $46!!


This method works GREAT for ranking videos! As Alex Becker has said recently, if you are seriously looking to rank then you need PBN links. I don't care how many embeds you have, PBN links work amazing. The combination of 3 PBN links, Social Signals, and embeds is the perfect recipe to rank in Google. 

No Other Seller Offers 3 PBN links Included!

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7 months ago
See no comments -seller says he did them but they dropped. He says it has been over a month and there is nothing he can do. Bad businessman that doesn't make it right or make it up, buyer beware
Thumb thumb users danmiller91 portraiturl 100
7 months ago

First of all I appreciate your thumbs down for a gig that is not even up anymore.... not even sure why you bothered but its your time wasted not mine. Just to let everyone know this man ordered this gig 2 months ago. I delivered his 30 comments and sent a screenshot of the comments up and completed. This costed him $5. 2 months later he messages me complaining there are no comments when there are clearly comments in the screenshot. The comments dropped due to the age of the video and the age of his account. And now he comes to me blaming it on me. These are the type of customers that I wish never had access to source market. 

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7 months ago
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8 months ago
Great Seller, One of the best on Source Market.
Thumb istock industrial washers
11 months ago
Thank you. Great job.
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over 1 year ago
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over 1 year ago
All the comments makes no sense with lots of grammar mistakes.
Thumb thumb users danmiller91 portraiturl 100
over 1 year ago

I apologize to that. I will be replacing those as I have told you. These comments are 5 dollars and I did deliver you 30+ comments. However, I am sorry for the error. I do not believe this deserves a thumbs down as I am fixing the problem as we speak.

Thumb anders 74
over 2 years ago
Marvelous! Great Service.
Thumb rolandovaldesconsultant
over 2 years ago
Quick and accurate work! Thank you!
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over 2 years ago
Thumb seofmb icon
over 2 years ago
Medium thumb users danmiller91 portraiturl 100



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