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Free Hosting for 1 Year!

What I Offer:

An already completely built and indexed PBN Site With:

  1. A POWERFUL & CLEAN expired domain - The site will meet my metrics and pass my 12 point pre-purchase checklist!
  2. Already Registered Domain I use many many different registrars and each site has a fake who-is data
  3. Quality Built Sites Each site is setup with custom graphics and a different theme/plugins and hosted on over 30+ different popular hosting companies (HostGator, BlueHost etc) – Each site is a good looking sites that will pass a manual review.
  4. Create and add original quality articles (NO SPUN GARBAGE!) with rich media embedded, 2+ articles written by Native English speakers write all articles (not magazine quality but not bad).
  5. Access to the site - You will have full ownership/access to the site!

 Exclusive Bonuses!

1. FREE Hosting for 1 YEAR!

2. 24hr order completion!

How Can I Offer 24hr Turnaround & These Prices?

My team has been building thousands of PBN sites for clients. Because my team can find domains faster then customers buy them and I like to keep my team large to handle large agency orders they continue to build out PBN sites.

By having my team continuously building PBN sites I have an inventory of sites that are ready to go to you! Some of the sites have been used before but they are all cleaned and a full QC check is completed ensuring metrics are stable and the site is fully indexed!

Results & What Others are Saying:

I first came across with his epic post on expired domains and have enjoyed his open style and quality content since. His recent PBN service has been excellent value; Ive been really impressed with the high standard of the sites his team has produced. I now recommend Jon’s PBN services to my friends to assist them in gaining better rankings for their sites. – Andrew

So far all the sites are looking really nice, I was surprised to see the custom logos and the quality of the content. – Susan (SEO Agency)

The first sites are impressive, just checked my rank tracking tool and already seeing a nice bump up the rankings! Well done! – James (niche site builder)

You should really be charging a lot more – I was expecting spun content on crappy looking sites. I built sites for local clients that don’t always look this good and charge 10x what you do per site. – Omer (Local SEO)


Example of Site (Will Pass Manual Review):

Domains (Powerful and NO SPAM!)

INDEXATION GUARANTEE - Every site will be indexed and if it becomes un-indexed in 30days I will issue you a full refund!

Relevancy can not be guaranteed.

3 Domain Metrics Available:

(will meet 3/4 metrics listed below)

Solid Metrics ($99/site):

  1. PA > 15
  2. DA > 10
  3. CF > 10
  4. TF > 10

Good Metrics ($118/site):

  1. PA > 20
  2. DA > 15
  3. CF > 15
  4. TF > 10

Premium Metrics ($158/site):

  1. PA > 30
  2. DA > 20
  3. CF > 20
  4. TF > 15

NO SPAM: Each domain will pass my pre purchase checklist (shown below)

  • Metrics
    • Page Authority, Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow
  • Spam Check
    • Check anchor text for Porn, Pharmaceuticals, Poker or foreign language anchor text in Majestic SEO – If any signs of this kind of anchor text do not buy!
    • Natural Profile (no SEO) – Check backlinks for signs of blog network links, comment spam or directory spam.
    • Review website in and see if the domain had content not related to the domain name
  • Registrar History

    • Check the registrar history if it has been registered and dropped multiple times I don't register.

Indexation Guarantee!

If the site is not indexed within 3 weeks we will replace your domain!

How Does the Process Work?


  1. We will pick a site that meets your metrics
  2. We will complete a final Quality Control check on them
  3. You will receive the login details to the site you exclusively control in under 24hrs!

Compare Cost to Building Site Yourself:

  • Domain @ Auction = $75
  • Domain Registration = $15
  • Hosting = $5/month but have to pay up front = $60
  • Content = $7.5/article x 2 articles = $15
  • Site Set Up = $25 minimum
  • TOTAL = $190 PER SITE!

Hosting & Transfer Process:

  1. We will host the site for 1 year for free! $4/site/month for hosting after
  2. At any point we will push the domain to you at no charge

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Refund Rate

We offer a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied! Relevancy can not be guaranteed.

I am an Internet Marketer for over 10 years. I take pride in serving people and seeing them happy with my services. I specialize in Backlinks, PBN Creation, PBN Domains, SEO Analysis, SEO Content Writing, Blog Commenting, Article Writing, Wordpress Sites, Competitor Analysis, and Revive Domains.