Complete PBN Setup in 12 hours or less GUARANTEED

SEO/PBN Creation
3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >

Complete PBN Setup Created in just 12 hours or less Guaranteed!

Will pass Copyscape and Google Manual Review!

No Sales Copy. If you know what PBNs are you know how important they are in ranking. However, they are a pain to set up. There are all these little factors you have to do and if you forget one your PBN can get caught or be messed up. 

The other problem? When you get your pbn you want it NOW, you want to start using it right away, not waiting a week for it to come back. That is why we Guarantee your PBN will be complete 12 hours after you order so you can start using it right away!

This is what you get for $25!

  • Wordpress theme installed for your Niche
  • Wordpress theme will be set up so your blog posts full articles to the home page, this makes sure all the link juice from your PBN flows from your home page out to your money site as you link from PBN, making your PBN as powerful as it can be. 
  • Custom Banner created exclusively for your PBN domain and put on your PBN
  • 2 Manually hand written niche relevant blog posts that are 250-350 words each. These are not spun articles, these are 100% hand written, 100% grammatically correct, 100% unique articles. They will pass both copyscape and a Google Manual Review. 
  • Each article will have a niche relevant image, niche relevant YouTube video embedded, and link out to an authority website
  • Complete and unique and niche relevant About Page
  • Contact page with contact box
  • Complete Private Policy Page
  • Wordpress Plugins Installed:
  • SEO, Contact Form, Security and Limited login attempts to protect again hackers. Sitemap for Videos to get pbn indexed fast. 
  • We also install the two most important plugins: 
  • Link Privacy, which protects competitors from seeing your website. 
  • A link juice keeper plugin. Redirects all links going to your pbn to your home page. This is the entire reason you bought a pbn. Without this plugin the juice will be lost over time. With this plugin all the link juice will go to your home page. then you will make blog posts on your home page going to your money site, the link juice will flow and your money sites will rank!
  • + a couple random plugins. This mixes it up and leaves no footprint
  • Disable all comments. the last thing you want is people leaving comments on your blog posts and sucking some of your link juice
  • Remove footer links. Depending on theme I won't be able to do this all the time. but 75% of the time I will remove the footer link which links to wordpress and to the theme's website. this sucks link juice from your pbn. I will remove these links so you keep all the link juice for you. 

Have multiple PBNs you want me to set up? I will complete them all for you in 12 hours or less. I will also install different variations of plugins and set ups so there is no footprint. I use this same set up myself personally on my PBNs, I have never had 1 PBN get deindexed or caught my google. Why? Because as you can see I cover everything. 

You get everything done for you so you can start using your PBN in 12 hours or less, GUARANTEED! 


This is just for setting up PBN. If you want us to change nameservers, set up hosting, add verified fake persona, and install wordpress that is $10 extra gig

for the $10 extra gig you get

  • Fake Persona created and verified completely hiding your identity.
  • This is set up on a phone verified email account used just for this purpose that you will get access to
  • Nameservers from register pointed to where you would like it hosted
  •  Wordpress installed on your PBN Domain
  • for this I will need access to hosting and register account

  • What I need

    1. wordpress login details
    2. niche
    3. sit back, relax, wait 12 hours for PBN to come back complete so you can start using it!

    If you order $10 gig extra for me to set up hosting and fake persona I need:

    Register and Hosting Login information. 

    Any questions you have done hesitate to ask :) 

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    My name is Zakee and I'm from the UK. I have started SEO over 6 years ago and have started a successful SEO agency. Before starting the business, I ranked affiliate sites and videos and made around $200 per day in passive income. SEO has changed my life and now I'm going to help it change yours.