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One Of The Most Important Local Ranking Factors In 2016 Is A Trusted

Local Citation Portfolio

We have been working with businesses and SEO agencies around the globe providing the very best manual directory submissions, which lead to amazing local first-page results. Push your client website to Page 1 with our manual citation building service. 

Get Your Business/Brand Listed on High PR Local Directories

Gain Traffic, Trust, Link Juice & Fantastic SERP Boosts

A local directory is a website that is maintained like an online version of a yellow pages book. A local directory on the Internet will contain a list of businesses that operate in a localized region. Such local directory sites usually have fantastic Page Rank (Upwards of 3+) and also have great authority in Google and other search engines.

What this essentially means is that a listing in these directories will mean that your site will receive traffic, backlinks and also a ranking boost, all at the same time.

Local Citation Service

We Do the Manual Work to Get Your Online Business/Brand Listed On These Local Directories.

When you order local directory submission service from us, we perform 100% manual work to get your URL listed on these local directories, patiently submitting your details as per instructions provided in these local business directories.

If you were to do local business directory submission on your own, it will take you hours on end and even small mistakes will mean that your URL and business details won’t be listed on these business directories. When you allow us to do the work instead, our experienced posters will manually but quickly and accurately list your information, so your online business/brand starts to receive traffic, link juice and ranking boosts, all within days of submission from our local citation service!

Features of Our Local Directory Listing Service

local citation service Submissions to 150-350 High PR local & top authority directories in EVERY plan
local citation service We add logo, video, pictures, social accounts, more
local citation service We always check for an existing listing first before creating new citation to avoid duplicate listings
local citation service Fully manual submissions & verifiable report
local citation service Report with live links for auto approve directories and login for non-auto approve directories
local citation service Directory listings that provide you with traffic, backlinks, trust, PR and SERP boosts
local citation service No Risk 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back


Do I need to supply you with an email and password for citation verification?

No, we create you an individual email address that will be used for each citation. The login details for the email and each citation will be sent to you upon project completion.

Do I need to supply you with logos + Images?

No, we will pull images and logos from the social accounts that you provide us in the form we send to you after  purchasing this gig. (GIG EXTRA)

What happens when my business is already listed on a local directory?

If your business is already listed on a local directory, we will first check it for accuracy. If it is accurate and already listed, we will find a new high PR directory to list your business. In other words, we will always give you new submissions as promised in our packages, by finding you replacement directories if the usual directories we submit to already have your business listing.

What kind of business information is submitted to these local directories?

We submit the following details about your business. Please note that you will have to provide us this information at the time of ordering.

  • URL
  • Keywords or tags
  • Description
  • Business Name
  • Owner Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone & Fax
  • Business Email
  • Year Found
  • Number of Employee
  • Operating Hours
  • Link To Video
  • Social Media Links (GIG EXTRA)
  • Logo (GIG EXTRA)
  • Photos
  • List of directories (If you want to provide your own list)

How do I verify my listings?

As mentioned earlier, you will be provided with a full report once your order is complete. If a directory is an auto-approve directory, your profile URL will be provided in the report. If a directory manually approves listings, you will be provided login information with which you can manually check your listing, a few days after submission.

What sort of directories will require telephone verification?

A few high quality local directories like Yelp,,,, and will require telephone verification. Please note that Yelp can sometimes approve a listing without requiring to verify a telephone number.

Will you share the full list of directories so I can choose on my own?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done. We cannot share our full lists as a lot of work goes into compiling these lists on a continual basis. However, we can provide you with a small sampling of our directory sites, to let you get a feel of the type of high quality directories that we select for you.

Will you let me know when the order is complete?

Yes, you will receive an email with a report that will allow you to fully verify the work that you paid for.

Which countries does your local directory listing service cover?

At the moment, we cover USA, Canada, UK and Australia. If you want listings in a country that is not listed here, please contact us as we may be able to do a custom job for you. We are also expanding our services to cover the whole world.

What makes your directory listing service different from others?

As mentioned several times before, our local directory listing service is a completely manual process. We don’t create listings just for the sake of giving you a report but to actually provide you with link juice, PR juice and traffic and SEO juice as well.

Furthermore, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by doing the following

  • No duplicate listings – We will never create duplicate listings and will always find fresh directories to post on, even if your business is already listed on some local directories
  • High PR, quality directories – We will always choose directories that have high PR and always choose directories that are popular and experiencing a lot of traffic
  • Ripple effect directory listings – Since we only choose high quality directories to list your business in, you can expect future organic listings as there are plenty of new/small directory sites that re-publish the listings of directories that we submit to, to give you an ever growing number of listings.
  • Manual work – We NEVER use bots or software programs to submit your listing. We always create your listings manually and all our work is double checked by experienced posters
Can I get a refund on citations that are previously done already?

Once we receive the order and realize there are some citations done already by third party, we can't refund due to nature of our work. It was originally your choice to order with specific package. Therefore, once you have the report delivered, we can't refund. Thanks for understanding.

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