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Are Your Keywords Not Ranking?

Discovering excellent keywords is tough. If you have put together your website, but find that you are not getting to page 1 for any of your keywords, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. If this is your current situation, forget about throwing back links and PBN’s at the problem until you figure out whether or not your keywords are worth pursuing.

Many Internet marketers severely underestimate their competition when choosing keywords for their projects. Let’s face it, if you are not ranking on the first page in Google for profitable targeted keyword phrases you are definitely missing out. It’s not enough to get traffic to your site; it has to be the right kind of traffic.

In Depth Competitive Keyword Research

If you spent a lot of time and money on SEO, without getting any results, it’s time to take a look at the competition. Here is a five step checklist to ensure that your keyword is worthwhile:

1.     Determine if your keyword is profitable. It should have commercial potential if your goal is to make money.

2.     How difficult or easy will it be to get this keyword working for you on page 1 of Google?

3.     What on-page options will you need to initiate to rank for this keyword?

4.     What off-page options will you need to initiate to rank for this keyword?

5.     When all is said and done, is this keyword worth pursuing?

In-depth Keyword Research

Conducting the in-depth research on each keyword is necessary before investing time and money into SEO.  This can be painstaking work and very time consuming. That's why so many marketers give up before they even see any results. I can offer you a detailed report on your keyword to help you determine whether it’s worthwhile pursuing for your marketing goals.

I have invested a lot of money into keyword research because it is perhaps the most important part of SEO. Here are the most prominent tools in my arsenal:

Long tail Pro Platinum 

This application has managed to crack the code on finding good niche keywords that offer traffic and commercial viability.

Niche Genetics
When it comes to drilling down into the details of keyword research, this is one of the best tools on the market. There is a lot of hidden gold nuggets to be found in the research report whether you are looking to create content, searching for AdSense keywords or digging for a long tail phrases for affiliate marketing.

Market Samurai
This is still one of the best tools around for competitive keyword analysis. Find out who your competitors are, what it will take to beat them as well as where their back links are located.

What you‘ll get:

When you order my report, you will receive a multipage document that will be comprised of the results from several sources. The report will cover the following:

·         Commercial Potential

·         SEO Competition

·         On Page Analysis

·         Paid Advertising Traffic Profile

·         Organic Traffic Profile

·         Degree Of Ranking Difficulty

·         Associated Keywords

·         Traffic Potential When In First Place Ranking

Remember, before you invest time and money in ranking keywords, be sure that they are worth it. If you have doubts about your current selection, let me help you to uncover the facts.
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