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Hi! I will write an SEO article, blog post, online content, or informational product content of up to 505 words for you on any topic that you like. I'll use from 1-3 of your keywords and work them seamlessly into the copy.

All content is written originally by me for this one gig and will pass Copyscape without any issues.

Once you have the article, you own it completely. I will then delete it off my hard drive.

All writing is done 100% by me, Mel Dawn. I do not farm my work out to others. I've written over 500 paid professional articles on the web.

I thoroughly research all topics I write about.

All writing is delivered in a Microsoft Word .doc text file. Please let me know if you require another text format.

Some past topics I've covered include:

  • business
  • marketing
  • social media
  • events & weddings
  • fashion and jewelry
  • pets
  • home decorating and furnishings
  • products reviews
  • vehicles
  • travel
  • world events
  • lifestyle choice
  • health and nutrition

Please let me know if you're not happy so we can work it out. I'll include some small edits, but anything extensive will require $5 more.

Thank you for visiting my gig!

Please check out my gig extras, as well as other gigs to see if there is something else you'd like.

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