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How does an Amazon Affiliate Site actually work?


We build you an ecommerce site within a particular niche full of top selling products that are sold on – the biggest and most trusted ecommerce operator worldwide.


You make money when your visitors purchase items though your site. Visitors are actually redirected to though the site that we build for you. Your ID is kept by Amazon and you get a healthy commission (up to 8%) when the customer completes payment via Amazon. Even if the customer logs out and comes back later, your ID is stored for 24hours and you will receive commission on all purchases made during this time!


This is on complete autopilot! Amazon provide all of the award winning fulfilment and customer service that you would hate to be involved with yourself.


Professional Investors are now seeking well designed Amazon Affiliate sites and we provide the best in the industry. You get our wholesale deal here on market source.


People trust Amazon

Being such a well established household name implies that most of your visitors won’t think twice about putting a purchase through on Amazon. Many will have accounts already, and perhaps even have their credit card stored on the site for quick checkouts. This in turn means that more people will buy instead of second guessing whether it’s safe to use the shopping cart.


Amazon is a master at converting visitors into customers

Amazon spends millions of dollars in research to optimize the amount of sales they squeeze out of new and existing customers. All you really need to do is send people to Amazon and they’ll do a good job themselves for the most part. Of course, if you are considered a trustworthy expert in your field and you send people to Amazon to check out a specific item, your conversion rate will be even higher.


What we do for you

We will find a highly profitable niche with very little competition and then target keywords that will allow your website to receive target traffic from Google. You don’t have to do anything.

Amazon sites can make up to 10,000 USD per month once they've been ranked. This won’t happen immediately but a professionally designed and administered site gives you the best possible chance.


We research and select niches for you then produce the content that will get your site heading viral.  Then we build your site and insert affiliate links in the hotspots that generate sales and income on a large scale.

What you get when you purchase a site from us:


1 professionally designed Amazon affiliate site

domain registration

12 months hosting

1 professionally designed logo

1 main keyword with 1300+ local monthly exact searches guaranteed

8 longtail keywords

Full on page seo

1 x 2,000 word, unique, hand-written articles

8 x 500 word, unique, hand-written articles

9 x Premium stock images

A Premium wordpress theme

All other essential plugins (SEO plugins, sitemap plugins etc)

Contact, About, TOS, DMCA, and Privacy Policy pages.

Premium domain name

Premium design

Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Guide

Thrive Leads

Thrive Content Builder

Essential plugins


Niche Analysis:

We only select high volume niches with the potential to provide a fulltime income within a short space of time.

Examples of some sites we have produced:


Our Keyword research is the secret to your success:

We target keywords that follow the ideal niche site structure.

These are keywords like "Best (product type)" or "(Product name) Review".

We also include supplementary informational keywords to help with internal linking/long-tail traffic. This is niche dependent.

The cost of all of this if you bought it yourself and paid a developer to assemble it all would be around $1200 USD.

We provide it here for $390 USD


We also include a Social Media Marketing Plan:

You can maximise sales growth with a Social Media savvy Marketing Plan to generate traffic and sales with no time consuming SEO strategies. This Comprehensive Social Media focused Marketing Plan will generate traffic and sales to your site. Includes the use of Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Publishing and other strategies to keep your Ecommerce business dominating. The plan also includes strategies to improve your search ranking. All of this is included in the Sale Free of Charge.


How much can I expect to earn:

Every niche differs but when your site is promoted on Social Media and also has a high search ranking, income (net affiliate commissions) can range from $100-$900 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have you been around?

We have been selling on several platforms including Flippa, Seo Clerks, Latonas, Busquest, WebsiteBroker, Global BX and more. We have been providing Amazon sites and services for close to 8years.  

How long does it take to produce a site?

Niche decision 1 day

Site design 7 days

Site build 7 days

How do you select a niche?

We take your suggestions and recommend a high volume niche within 24hours.

What's needed to succeed with these sites?

We provide the complete framework and marketing plans to make your site a success.

What income potentials do you deal with?

This depends on what niches we find and how competitive the keywords are, but we typically reject any niche with lower than $2,500 monthly income potential. Our range is therefore $2,500 - 10,000+.









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