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We provide extensive in-depth research on ANY website to identify the best keywords. This service is available globally & the price includes 1 website.

Research is imperative to website success. You must target the right keywords as there are multiple benefits to be had such as higher search engine rankings, better visibility, & of course more visitors finding your website.

We will professionally, forensically analyze  your site & give very detailed feedback for on average 50 plus keywords including:

  1. Keyword recommendations & the top words specific to what you do
  2. Number of searches per month & average cost per click
  3. The rating & the amount of competition pages
  4. The average page rank & also the page rank strength
  5. Competition commercial, the ads count plus of course our additional input.

Once we have created the report, it will be reported  to you in an easy to understand spreadsheet. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.

With our detailed no-frills report, you will discover lucrative terms that can help you increase your site traffic, impressions & most importantly your profit.

I am not accepting , PORN, Massage, Adult, Dating and Casino websites.

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