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While trying to figure out my own Google Analytics I luckily stumbled upon this site.  A marketer giving away this one click solution to make GAnalytics easier

At first I was afraid the marketer was gonna hack me somehow but I wanted this dashboard, so I did it!

Afterwards I realized what part of Google Analytics this was working from, I had never really messed with any of it and maybe you haven't either

So, I figured out how to export setting Google even tells you that no information is shared between accounts

So I got my peace of mind and an easy tool to also share with you guys!

Order & click the link I provide for you. The dashboard settings go onto your account and you have them to use, share or sell like me

You get access to 11 reports that are important to track on your site.
Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic - Visual
Organic Goals
Search Engine Stats
Traffic by city
Keyword Entrances
Internal Searches
Mobile V.S. Desktop
Page Speed

NOTE: There are some settings you will have to do in order for a couple of the above reports to show data, for example with the goal conversions you will need to have goals set up in your analytics account.

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