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Professional Keyword Research and SEO analysis!

The research is the FUNDAMENTAL thing to build ANY business. If you go with WRONG one, believe it or not, WHATEVER you will do in future is USELESS!!

Do not waste time, neither money and get it done RIGHT. Here what I will do: - Deep analysis of your keyword -I will run 2 different levels of research to find the best that feet your business in "1" country +/- Worldwide
PS: Please Note: 1- I will Need at least 1 MAIN Keyword! If you have many ( up to 5) they need to be niche related!

I will use my IBP pro and analyze your website on Google and send you FULL report with all the point needed to take in account to RANK your website. It will include the analysis of your COMPETITORS WEBSITES! (Goldmine!)

 The goal is to find the GOLD short and long tail that will have enough monthly search and in SAME time lowest competition! I will give you report in less than 24h!! With this you will be ready to fly!

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