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This GIG gives opportunity to anyone who has a video that they are trying to get in front of the right viewership. We will upload then promote your vid on HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF's Official YouTube Channel! The video can be anything from...

  • a movie clip
  • a movie trailer
  • a short film
  • a commercial
  • a vid
  • a song
  • a music video
  • an Animated Horror Cartoon
  • a Horror Mash-up or crossover vid
  • a Fan Trailer
  • a video for your Crowd-funding Campaign
Should be targeted at the 18 to 45 male/female demo. But we can be flexible depending on the content provided.

After we upload your video, it will remain active, and only removed PER YOUR REQUEST! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our Channel once your vid's are added!

  • Pyramid Schemes
  • Make Money Online
  • Get Rich E-Book Vids

Will Not Be Accepted!!

EXTRA: Share your video across our Social Media for 1-week plus place a link of your choosing on the video page!

If You Would Like A Custom Package, Contact Us Directly Through And We Will Quote You.
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