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Did you just make a brand new channel and uploaded your first video but not a single viewer? Well, that happen for some reasons. It could be your title, thumbnail, and other aspects.

I'm here to help. With my 3 years of marketing experience, especially in promoting You Tube videos and bring organic views to your video, I can ensure that you can gain the right type of fans and turn them into subscribers.

What I will be doing:
1. Promote your one (1) of your You Tube video (No auto hit) just REAL
2. Look over the title, thumbnail, description, etc of your video and give you suggestions
3. Briefly share with you mine methods so you can apply them for future videos, without ordering this gig again.

Do not expect the views to be as high as 1,000 views in the first day or even in a week. This service is to bring real viewers and turn these potential viewers into subscriber.

The number will depend on how interesting is your video and similar factors. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me before ordering.

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