Give you step by step info to create a Youtube autopilot video syndication

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This service is to help your videos get syndicated and send backlinks to your video on autopilot.

So, after the initial setup you won’t have to do anything except upload your video to Youtube and then you will get your video syndicated and backlinks for top quality authority sites.

If we do it, up to 25 sites syndicated to:

Boxcar 2 (if mobile);; Blogger; Box; Buffer; Delicious; Diigo; Dropbox; Evernote; Facebook; Google Drive; Groupme (if mobile); Instapaper; LI; Newsblur; NowVia; OneDrive; OneNote; Pocket; ReadingPack; Reddit; Storify; Tumblr; Twitter; Wordpress; Yammer

Creation of syndication network will take longer than one day. 1 day delivery is for the tutorial only.

Why would you want to do this? Well you are getting your videos (branding) in front of as many eyes as possible and you are getting backlinks back to your video which in turn will help with ranking your video in the search engines.

Is there any chance this will hinder my chances of ranking? Yes, if you go and spam with descriptions that are just full on keywords and not content and if you use too many links. Used responsibly it will be fine and is on total autopilot after initial setup. So order today!

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