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I will to promote your, 35 seconds or shorter, video on our top music website.

Provide us with your YouTube video link and we'll randomly play your content on our radio and user generated music video playlists. Your placement will run for up to 15 days and  link back to your official YouTube video / station.

Need to see a working example? No problem. Go to our site and select your favorite genre or artist then build a playlist or click "start radio". Our current placements will cycle through your selection.

To maintain the quality of our website, we will limit the amount of advertisers each month. The Gig delivery date will be adjusted accordingly.

You must own the copyrights to your audio and video content. We are looking for quality advertisers that are on a budget.

No pharma, adult, tobacco, nudity, weapons, vulgar, illegal, political, or religious content.
Please private message us if you have any questions regarding acceptable content.

We are looking forward to working with you.

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