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Hey Source Market SEO's!  Steve and Scott here from DFYDAS.com the done for you Domain Authority Stacking Outsourcing provider.  We have developed a way to Boost the DA, PA and TF of your PBNs in the same manner that we have helped dozens of OMG (and non) members over the past 8 months to boost their money site metrics and rankings.  

As PBNs age, their link profile typically dwindles and atrophies.  Thus making your domains less powerful. Well, with our Done Of You DAS PBN service that doesn't have to be the case. 

We did not actually develop the idea for this service, one of our clients did. He is a fellow SEO and has used us twice previously on projects for his clients. He wanted to know about a way to boost up his 40 PBNS that he used for a niche group of clients.  

So Scott and I talked and we came up with this program. 

What you get from this gig- branded and non branded WR1 or Tier1's and Niche relevant Web 2.0's built out  to Tier 3 for greater thematic relevance with content.  This is great for re awakening your link profile as well as re theming a domain or shaping a silo in the PBN. 

This Offer is for 2 PBN's (Domains).

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My name is Zakee and I'm from the UK. I have started SEO over 6 years ago and have started a successful SEO agency. Before starting the business, I ranked affiliate sites and videos and made around $200 per day in passive income. SEO has changed my life and now I'm going to help it change yours.