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For $5 You Can Buy A Spam Free 
Expired Domain Like This...

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One Lucky Customer

On Source Market you'd pay at least twice this much buying from the other top domain sellers and $40-60 on forums. 

But this is far from the best one, I often deliver better than this, see the reviews for proof

Finding quality, spam free domain names is hard and most business owners don’t have enough time, skills or technology to work it out (and frankly, its quite tedious, painstaking work looking through domain histories). The good news is we’ve cracked the code on this – we can do all the hard work for you, so you can just enjoy the results from your PBNs without doing any of the searching.

You need quality domain names for your projects or clients. But you are busy. 

We do all the hard work for you. So you can get paid more and do less.

*Even if you don't love the domain provided you get a replacement guarantee. So buy with confidence*

Choose an expired domain from this list http://bit.ly/gwtexpireddomainslist (UPDATED 4th March major updates occur on Sunday night so come back to the list every Sunday night/Monday morning before all the best ones go;) ). If you want a domain with TF20+ or /and RD 30+ then choose the respective extras when you order

Why else is this service different from the others?

  • This a premium service that you're getting for a few dollars
  • I know what it's like to be a buyer having built my own PBN network buying domains from Source Market. I wanted a great service as well as a good PBN and you deserve that too. I take pride in overdelivering with the domains and providing a friendly customer support with a quick response time. Read the testimonials Here are some recent ones

  • I manually check the domains myself to make sure that they are not spam and are legitimate PBN domains. I use screenshots.com as well as archive.org to look at the history of the domains to make sure any spam domains get filtered out. No spammy Asian anchor text or used previously as a PBN for SEO
  • I offer unlimited replacements in case the domain that I send you is already registered
  • You can choose from .com .net .org .us .com.au .fr .nl .in .info .eu .co.uk .org.uk  .tv .it .ca. If there are no decent domains for your chosen tld then a refund is given 
  • If you get a domain from me that doesn't index I'll replace it for you
  • I can rebuild your expired domain I send you with the same look as it was captured in Archive.org. See one of my extras for the price (Only html sites, not wordpress)
  • You'll get with the delivered domain a list of $1 hosting services to host your new PBN 
  • You won't have to wait long for the domain as I deliver mostly within a day
  • I'll index your PBN for free (I have another store charging $5 for this service)
  • I can set up your domain on Wordpress at a discounted price for domain buyers (see extras)

The domain you get will have the following metrics

  • Generic Niche Trust Flow (TF): 17+ 
  • Specific Niche Trust Flow (TF): 15+
  • Citation Flow (CF): 15+
  • Domain Authority (DA): 10+
  • Page Authority (PA): 20+
  • Referring Domains (RD) 10+ 
  • At least 3 strong links from 3 RDs
  • Good mix of anchor text 
An average delivered domain will have TF 18, CF 18, DA 15, PA 20, RD 15

But after you get your PBN then what? Well I have other services to help you. The first task is to set up your PBN, which you can have done at this store http://market.source-wave.com/services/599-premium-pbn-wordpress-setup-service

To get the maximum SEO benefit from your PBN you'll want to set up social profiles, submit them to social sites and get social shares. If you buy one of my "extras" I will index your domain and give you social signals for FREE.

See details of the social signals service here

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7 months ago
For the price, the quality of the domains is very good. Whether you are just getting started with creating a PBN or are in need of a little boost, you are in good hands with goldwebtraffic. It was a pleasant buying experience and goldwebtraffic was very good at communicating on the message board. Would consider buying from goldwebtraffic again in the future.
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7 months ago
Delivered as promised - 2nd time I've purchased domains from Goldwebtraffic, and still very satisfied with the service.
Thumb cat 941524 1920
7 months ago
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7 months ago
Great service. I will come back for more orders!
Thumb seo3
8 months ago
Great domains. Will come back for more
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8 months ago
Got an extra domain for the price of one! Both domains have good metrics, PA/DA/TF/CF * 31/18/21/20 * 27/14/21/16 and solid, non spammy or weird phrases. Will use/recommend again!
Thumb samurai
8 months ago
Seller had communication and replace a couple domains that didn't meet my standards without hassle. Recommend his service for anyone looking for some quality expired domains.
Thumb dsc01171
8 months ago
Wonderful.Great domains, nice metrics, indexed fast and over delivered. Great seller i will come be back... Thanks for the review copy.... great idea
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9 months ago
Always delivers, as promised! I highly recommend this service - no complaints at all & he is always willing to make it right if there is any issue (usually there never is!) Thanks !
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10 months ago
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