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24 days on average

Do You Want To Make More
Money While Working Less? 

What if I told you that you could actually start doing it RIGHT NOW and be reaping the benefits in a few months with SEO?

Making money with Adsense is hard and most business owners don’t have enough time, skills or technology to work it out (and frankly, its quite tedious, painstaking work). The good news is we’ve cracked the code on this – we can do all the hard work for you, so you can just enjoy the results without doing anything. 

You need a quality website that gets traffic. You are busy. We do all the hard work for you. So you can get paid more and do less. 

Why Buy Sites From Us?

  • They work 100% to make you monthly income
  • 100% Genuine Method
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Express Delivery
  • Expected Earnings After 6 Months Between $150 Per Month

The difference between this service and our other AdSense Authortiy sites gig is that each of the site can earn $150 to $300 per month in a few months time if you invest in your site with PBNs and new content . We provide adsense safe traffic the first month, then with quality content and Quality SEO services following Source University's and SEO Breakthrough strategies we take the site to top rankings in months 2 & 3. In this way the site goes up and receives all the targeted traffic that the keyword possesses.

We have strong and quality adsense experts who do research and find the most profitable niche for you . Each Niche Avg. CPC is Almost $1.5, Over 3600+ monthly searches, each ranking opportunity etc. In this way we have so much confidence in our services that we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee  if  the site does not give good results in adsense in the 1st month of at least $30.

NO OTHER COMPANY provides such an offer with their sites. Only & Only We Provide This First Month Money Back Guarantee.  Contact Us to See Demo site.

Features Of Each Site : 

  • 1 Niche With 3600+ Monthly Searches
  • 3-4 Sub niches
  • Exact Match Domain ( .Com , .Net , .Org )
  • 10 Unique Articles
  • Premium SEO Optimized Theme
  • Logo
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer , Contact Us and About Us Page will be Provided
  • Full SEO Optimization
  • On Page SEO Will Be Provided
  • 1 Pinterest Board
  • 1 Video
  • Authorship
  • Site Will be submitted to Google And All Major Search Engines
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If Site Doesn't Perform In The First Month

So Go Ahead And Order Now To Start Earning an Income in 30 Days or Your Money Back

So the choice is yours....

You can choose to close this page, and keep living the same life you’re living RIGHT now, driving the same car you’ve been driving and nothing will change OR, you can click on the order button below and give your family and yourself the life you know you all deserve.

Ready to get started and be earning an expected income of $150+ per month from your site in a few months? Just click on the order button below.

There's no risk, Go Ahead And Order Now To Start Earning an Income in 30 Days or Your Money Back


I'm getting lots of questions about this service, which is great. I've compiled the most common questions into a FAQ. Hopefully the answers cover any question you may have. If not shoot me a message and I'll reply soon after ;)

- Do I need an adsense account?
No you can buy one from us, see one of the extras

- What do I need to do?
Give your preference for a niche if you have one and send over the adsense code if you have an account in these sizes 300*600, 728*90 and 336*280

- When the site will be delivered after ther order date?
Usually within 2 weeks

- Can I add other revenue streams?

Yes, you have the wordpress login so you can add any you want

- Can you give me Adsense screenshots to prove earnings of example site?
That's against Google Adsense terms of service to share these stats, sorry

- After how many days a site will start earning to its potential after its delivery?
30 days

- When a site is delivered to me, after that do I need to do SEO and bring more traffic on my own? Or it will just go on making autopilot money? 
No you don't need to do any SEO or traffic generation yourself. However if you want to earn much more than the expected amounts we provide, then buy at least 2 PBNs (see gig extras) for your site a month see 

Here is our earnings Policy
First months earnings are provided by our services. But from 2nd month customer needs to invest to get the stated earnings. The fees are used to get the site performing in the rankings and generate the Adsense earnings.

Customer SEO/Traffic investment required :
$150+ expected earnings = $60 Monthly Investment
If you don't want to pay the investment your site will stay live, but your earnings may not continue at the same level.    

- Do I need to regularly update the site? I mean regularly posting articles etc.,  
No we'll do what is required to get the targeted earnings.

- Once the site is ready how are you going to deliver it? 
You give us the wordpress login and we'll upload the files on a date we'll give you

- Can I see an example site?
Please message me for this

- After payment is done, what are the next steps in the ordering process?
I'll give you the domain name to buy and set up on your hosting

- Is hosting and domain registration provided by you?
This can be provided, see the extras

- How is the traffic generated in the first month? Is it fake?
The traffic comes from adsense safe advertising, then SEO from months 2-3. You'll be able to check traffic sources in Google Analytics

- I'm trying to buy your gig but having problems, what can I do?
I'm getting told this more regularly by customers, it seems that internet explorer is more reliable for making purchases than Chrome or Firefox, so give that browzer a try, crazy I know :)     

- What happens to my site if I get a refund?
We will take the site from you. We will send you domain registration fees and we will host it on our server. If you need refund, you have to transfer the domain to my account, so you will not lose any money, its simple. 

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about 1 year ago
If there were a 100 star review I would leave it for Dan. He is so easy to work with, extremely prompt and professional. I know there are other offers on Source Market for similar services but I don't think they will compare to working with Dan. I am more than happy with my AdSense Site and excited to start generating some cash! Thank You
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about 1 year ago

Thanks it's been great working with you too :)

Thumb stock vector skater do the skateboard jumping trick 256255687
over 1 year ago
Here’s my honest review Site Quality 10/10 SEO 9.5/10 (you see instant return in your investment) Customer Service 9.5/10 WOW what can I say... Danial’s mirco adsense website service is absolutely top notch…highest quality, best ranking adsense sites you’ll get on source market, I’ve made very large investment (nearing 10 sites soon and more by the end of the year) into his service and I am already seeing huge return for the investment not to mention his customer support is unmatched…best I’ve gotten on the internet marketing PERIOD. In regards to customer service, you won’t find anyone better then goldwebtraffic on Source Market. This is the definition of 'Passive Income'. When I ordered these sites from him, we had some minor or major issues, he was prompt to see that any issues were resolved immediately and makes everything great again… time and time again, you won’t get this with any other seller on Source Market, he truly wants to see my success and I’m EXTREAMLY happy I’ve invested in his service. The amount of customer support he helped me with is insane and for that, I will be a lifetime customer with him. When It comes to buying adsense authority sites, goldwebtraffic is the guy you need to trust above all other sellers on soruce market, He is the real deal, the guy that will bend over back to see your sites max out their potential, at the end of the day, this was the best investment I’ve ever made on source wave and I will be buying more from him within the coming months. All the best in 2016 and Goldwebtraffic, I salute you sir, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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over 1 year ago

wow....I love to provide great customer service when i get reviews like that, very motivating :)

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over 1 year ago
Within a day of delivery, I'm already getting clicks.
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about 2 years ago
Another awesome site that I ordered! Everything exceeded my expectations! Will be ordering more in the future! thanks for the great work!
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over 2 years ago
Because I am new to this, I don't think I can give a fair rating. The whole process seems to be hard for me but I feel I am moving forward slowly.
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over 2 years ago

That's good, so this isn't really a negative review, I think you meant to give a thumbs up right?

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over 2 years ago
Thumb williedejarnette
almost 3 years ago
Awesome sites. Very welled structured. I can't wait to see what they will do
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about 3 years ago
Very happy with the sites I got, look nice! Earnings are going up so happy with everything! Marvin
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