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User experience of your website has a great impact on whether your website's visitor will be back for more, or leave immediately.!

You know, if your website has bad design and not the good user experience, then it takes seconds to lose potential costumers and hence lose sales. 

And the Good News is:

I'm here to help you build The best experience for your users so that your products will be memorable and make the users want to stay in, to read your articles or buy your products.

The basic gig for $10 includes a 5 minutes VIDEO REPORT with 5 objective comments, with tips that will help you build a better experience for your users. 

Each report is for one website in which I will take notes regarding the overall design, how easy and fun is it to navigate with, the content itself, SEO improvements and more.

For a more detailed report, I highly recommend you to order one of my extras, mainly The 30-MIN VIDEO REPORT which offers solutions and examples that you can apply to your website the more time I spent on your website the better the report will get.

Keep in mind that, each video report shows my actions in real time as a user on your website with my voice-over commenting my experience.

Feel free to contact me before ordering this gig.


1. What are the things that will be covered in the basic $10 service?

I will deliver, 5-minutes report in video format and the review will be done from the users point of view.

2. What are the things that will be covered in the $50 service?

In $50 service, I will deliver 30-minutes video report, in which I'll do the in-depth review of your website. I'll offer solutions, suggestions and I'll give you examples that you can apply to your website.

3. How much time will you take to process the service?

For $10 Service: It will take 7 days

For $25 Service: It will take 10 days

4. How many URL you need?

I will review only one website in the single service. So I'll need your one website's URL.

5. If failed to deliver on time, will you refund the money?

Yes, if I failed to deliver the services as promised on time, I'll refund the money.

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I'll refund the money, if I failed to deliver the service on the guaranteed mentioned time.