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"I'll Write Custom Keyword-Rich SEO 

Content Quick!

( 100% "Readable", Quality English Guaranteed! No funny business here.) 

Are You On A Time Crunch? Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • Are you tired of ordering "SEO CONTENT" gigs and receiving broken English results?
  • Do you need quick custom keyword rich content for your PBN or Site?
  • Do you need high-quality custom content for an SEO client quick?
  • Are you tired of writing your own money-site content and realize $6 is super cheap for quality 300-400 word article? 
WORRY NO MORE! This Gig is cheap, quick, and easy! $6 for 300-400 word custom SEO keyword rich words! 

Need more than a 300-400 word "SEO keyword rich" article? Easy! Check out the Gig Extras for bundle pricing! 

Common Gig Q&A:

What if i have a bigger article?
Good question! Check out the gig extras, or contact me for a custom quote. 

Are there any issues with "topic", or restrictions on "type of article"?:
Any content topic is fine... I don't judge (Im sure someone will push this line) 

I have had bad experiences with writers on other sites... Are you educated?
I have a BS in Criminal Justice Admin, 32 FEMA certs, and have worked for many major agencies...

Others claim to be proficient in English... Are you really?
I was born in the midwest U.S., and work part-time for a court reporting firm... Im proficient! :)

Do you just spin the text?
Absolutely not. Writing 100% original content is our goal.  Spun content often will not meet "English readability standards", meaning: the sentences don't appear "user-friendly"... In better words: most times the phrases will make no sense whatsoever. Text spinners use incorrect translations and substitutions to often to rely on them. Each article submitted to us is uniquely edited by myself, then carefully reviewed for grammar, spelling, and maximum readability prior to submitting back to the buyer.

Refund policy: Indeed
If i don't have your article done in 24 hours or less, you will receive a refund AND the article at no charge. If you dislike your article, you can have a refund. Playing by the same rules: If you love the article... Give me a thumbs up! I have thousands of children to feed... Not really, but I do rely on your feedback to improve or maintain services and gain more business! Thanks for checking this gig out!


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Of course there is a refund policy! Im a fair person! ***If you are unsatisfied in any way, or this gig exceeded the 24 hour limit: Let me know and I'll refund you and give you the article free! Im here to make an honest living by providing honest, quality work for a great price! Thanks for checking out my gig!