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Coming up with great content is the key to long-lasting organic traffic, right?

  But then you hit the publish button week after week and get no traffic.

   It’s probably because your domain authority is way too low.

  ======= We can help with that ===========

Who needs a domain authority boost?

  • Do you have a brand new website and are just getting started with doing SEO for it?
  • Have you been stuck on page 2-3 for your best keywords and just can’t get it to move?
  • Have you established top rankings and want to cement your spot from competitor takedown?

Then this service is for you.

What Is Domain Authority Stacking for SEO Rankings?

  • DAS Or Domain Authority Stacking is a collaborative concept created by military-scale SEO expert Jimmy Kelley with collaboration from Network Empire creator Sue Bell and Russell Wright.

    Domain Authority Stacking is a safe and sustainable way of using backlinks of varying domain authority- in order to rank a primary money site without penalization of any kind. In a domain authority stacking strategy, high authority 3rd party platforms are used to assist ranking and as a buffer to protect your money site against backlink spam.

  • Benefits of DAS
              -   Increase in the DA/PA of your Website
              -   Increase in MOZ trust
              -   Increase in Serps over the coming weeks
              -   A Super Professional Report which will make you look awesome in front of your client.


Lets see some Rankings Proof First

#1 - Automotive Niche - Used 3 PBN Links + DAS ( never looked back and this website create us $500 on autopilot every month)

#2 - Weight Loss Diet Pills Niche - Used 8 PBN Links + DAS

Ok Thanks for Reading so far to know what exactly we do in here?

This is the most important step where we go and make the linking structure in the same way like High Authority sites. This giant interlinking will help to pass on a message to Google " Hey Google, we are a real brand who has trust, authority & presence on popular social media sites as like big brands so help us rank better in SERP's".

We go and post links to the money site in a pattern that a machine could not figure out easily (This is where most of the people get wrong & leave the footprints).

Step 1 -  In our standard $60 gig, we will be building out a network of 10 High DA/PA Web 2.0 Platforms. Some of these platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,, Crunchbase, Pinterest etc All these sites will be interlinked with each to build trust and brand authority. Also, to make them look the most natural, we will add logo, content, contact forms, authority links, Images/Video etc to increase its chances of sustainability in Serp's. All the Tier 1 logins will be provided to you on delivery so you can maintain them in future.

Step 2 : In this step we take every URL on those Authority Platforms and run them via twitter as tweets. After then we will send Retweet Army to them so boost the Twitter Tweet Authority. In this step, these tweets will act as a interlinking and the juice will pass on to the Tier 1 authority sites. At the same time we will also send social signals from facebook, twitter & pinterest to all your Tier 1 Platforms & Money Site as show below.

Once the Tier 1 platforms will be created, we will go and blast social signals to them which are considered as a big ranking factor in current Google Algorithm. Think of this way, does that makes sense for a website who is getting lots of backlinks from high Authority PBNs but doesn't have any social presence where 90% of the people interact. Google think the same way too and to make your properties as natural Social Signals are must. We got you covered up here.

Step 3 - Now is the stage where the real boost has to go via GSA SER. Will will take the URLs of all the Tweets/Social Profiles and load them in GSA to send upto 12000 Contextual Links in tiered Linking Structure. The template will look something like this.

OK Fine but I have heard that never use GSA? What exactly you will do in Step 3

Tier 1 :

1000+ Contextual Backlinks in Tier 2 with (Articles, Wiki, Web 2.0's). This will be done by our Expert GSA team who has years of experience in running this software carefully and do provide services to worldwide SEO agencies. We will use a great secret sauce which has helped us in the past to dominate niches like Garcinia Combogia, Automotive and Weight loss.

Tier 2:
★ 9000+ Quality Mix Follow & Dofollow to Tier 2 Links To Index Them Fast.

Tier 3:
★ Submission of All Links to & (Paid Service) with 10-15 days Drip Depending upon Keyword Strength for Fast Indexing of Links to Search Engine.


Is there any chance to get penalized by Google :

If it is possible to penalize any website using DAS or GSA Campaign, then I would penalize my competitors websites first. Thus by penalizing all my competitors websites I would get the top position in search engine easily. So, there is no chance of getting penalized by google for using my Domain Authority Stacking or GSA Search Engine Ranker Campaign.

GSA blast to Twitter Tweets & Pinterest Repins as well? Doesn't make sense.

Let think natural and take it this way, what happen when some celebrity like Justin Bieber or Hilton Paris Tweet about anything? All of a sudden people following them start re tweeting their tweets. All of a sudden within days websites or blogs start talking about those tweets and link them. That's natural and happens all the time in real world. Google understand this too. So in short, Sending Links to Youtube video/Tweets is the most natural way and DAS is based on this strategy too.

Do you guys Use Spun content?

We spin a giant master document of spun content related to your niche based on your keywords.

(We do a paragraph level, phrase level, then word level spin of each text)

Spinning is Spinning and you cannot get the super notch quality as like hand written content. So, if you are too fussy of this then do order the handwritten content addon and we will add it for you to the Tier 1 properties. From our testing we have seen that, Spin content works as good in DAS too.

You have Extras as well for additional Profile so how should I know which one we order?

Well lets make it simple, for low competition don't burn your dollars and our Standard 10 profiles are fine, for Medium Competition go with 20 profiles and for high Competition, we recommend using 30 Profiles gig.

Ok I am ready to Order, what information do I need to supply you guys to kick start?

All I need is your Money Site URL, any social profiles URLs (if any) and a 200-400 words short description of your website (I will spin this description to add this to profiles). The reason we asked for social profiles is because some clients do have Facebook, Google+ pages etc so in that case we will skip creating those and stack them as well. Kindly Note, we do not require any logins for your pre-existing profiles.

Probably I can try myself?

Yes you can always try to do it yourself. But let me tell you that there are so many little loopholes which you need to take care to perform a successful campaign. Again its upto you :)

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