Expired Domain with Backlinks from Forbes, Wikipedia & Other Authority Sites

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We have been scraping old expired authority domains that have backlink(s) from authority sites such as Wikipedia, Forbes etc. These old expired authority domains are ideal to build new sites with authority or to make 301 redirects to one's money site to rank even highly competitive keywords. Couple of 301 redirects using these domain could take your site easily to the top of Google and other search engines.

How can you use them?

  • To Build new authority money sites such as blogs, business official sites etc.
  • 301 redirects to Skyrocket your ranking.
  • To build PBN authority sites
Would it be related to your niche?

  • Sure but I cannot assure you with micro niche Expired dropped domains. Instead, I can scrape broad niche in which the micro niche belongs to.

What are the matrices of the domains?

The domains I scrape and provide, were long deleted or dropped years back and so they were deleted from Databases providing PA/DA/TF/CF matrices such as MOZ, Majestic SEO etc. So, we do not talk about any matrices here. But note that once we purchase those old dropped domains which still retain the backlinks from Authority sites such as Wikipedia, Forbes etc. and put them up, they are again crawled by the crawlers of those tools and the real matrices such as PA/DA/TF/CF comes into picture in later course of time. So, we talk about backlinks of those expired domains here rather than their matrices. Also such matrices can be altered for sure but live backlinks in front of eyes cannot be altered right?

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