Google Maps Verification - Any Niche - As Fast as 5 Days

20 days estimated (25 days guaranteed) >

This is a creative postcard verification process so verification sometimes only takes 5 days to complete. In the case that a postcard doesn't arrive in 14 day, we ask for another postcard to be sent out.

Google has started to clamp down on phone verification and has even started to ask for business licenses and storefront pictures. This process requires none of that.

A postcard verified business is much more secure than a phone verified business. If google also decides to ask for a re-verification sometime down the line, there is a decent chance we can reverify that same address for you for an extra cost. A phone verified listing has a higher chance of being asked for re-verification down the line.

No PO Boxes or Virtual Addresses here. These are real addresses. 

No need to clean up citations as these addresses will not be used by any other business on google.

The 3 Step Simple Process:

Step 1: Give us the city you want to get verified in.

Step 2: We give you an address to send the postcard out to.

Step 3: We receive the pin and give it to you to finish your verification.

Note: If you don't know how to request a postcard verification and complete it, then just provide us the gmail account email/password, Business Name and Google Category and we can do it for you.

Message me if you have any questions at all.

**We can verify any niche**

**You get a full refund if we are unable to verify your listing for you**

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We will refund you completely if we are unable to verify your listing.