Remove malware, virus, hacked content from your Wordpress

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Has your Wordpress blog been hacked? 

You thought it would never happen to you but now it has.

Every day a lot of sites are hacked. Usually you find out when you are informed by the red screen from Google. Removal process can be easy if you are lucky, but often it involves reinstalling the Wordpress. I'm here to try and prevent that from happening. 

Once your blog has been hacked you can lose your Google ranking since your bounce rate will go trough the roof and this could tank you site from ranking page 1 to page 2 and we all know that's Game Over for your revenues.


For the 20$ price tag on this service I will:

- Remove the malicious code

- Remove the way the hackers attacked in the first place

- Resubmit the site to Google webmaster for re-evaluation (optional but recommended)

- Upgrade your site security to prevent it from happening again when hackers use different methods   (optional but recommended)

Why choose my services?

A lot of my sites and my clients sites got hacked at the beginning of the year and it took me two weeks to get everything back up and running. Don't let the same time wasting happen to you.

Use this service to protect your business.

Delivery will be within a day but Google takes up to 72 hours to crawl the page again once requested.

1 Order is for 1 Wordpress site.

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