With Custom Explainer Video I`ll increase your sales

SEO/Content Creation
20 days estimated (25 days guaranteed) >
20 days on average

LENGTH: 60 seconds / 150 words script
COPY: I`ll explain your message in a clear way to your targeted audience in a language which they understand.
ANIMATION: I`ll match your brand`s colors and feel.

I visualize your video through conventional storytelling structure as:
how it works,
social proof,
call to action.

All above elements helps me to push the hot buttons of your prospects through their problem and release the tension through your solution. This would allow us to further persuade your visitors through "social proof" and "call to action" to perform an action that you need from them.

Everything included, from script to music, sound effects, pro voice over, custom graphic animation and most importantly, produced with only one thought in mind...to convert your visitors from viewing to action taking.

The process and timeline to which we commit:
Based on script:
we create storyboard:
which we later turn into an animation:

If you are able to immediately provide feedback, we need from start to end of video production total 12 business days:
You would receive an initial script within 2 days
You would receive storyboard (graphic elements) within 5 business days
after you confirm storyboard, I deliver video within 5 business days
*please note, in practice it takes 1 to 2 days at each step on revision emails/messages back and forth

You maintain full control over the process, we move to next phase after you confirm the previous one.

To start with an initial “story script” we would need answers on the following questions below:

1) website url:
2) Why are you creating this video and what do you hope to accomplish?
3) What barriers/"pain points" your targeted customer might currently be
facing that could lead them to need a product or service like yours, etc.
4) How is your product or service making their life better?
5) What separates your product or service from your competitors?
6) What do you want your viewers to do after watching the video?
7.)Example of the video, whose same style you see working for you?
8.) Anything else that you think we should be aware of?

You would receive initial draft of the script within 48 hours.

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24 days ago
Easy to work with. Appreciate the service.
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2 months ago
Awesome. Followed instructions as I asked and site traffic spiked since links were placed.
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I love helping entrepreneurs with things that are harder to find but you need to succeed online including content creation in several forms including written and graphics.