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Small source market high authority site
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Super Authority Blogpost on Super Authority Site

You Tell Us Links and Topic. We Write The Blog Post. It is Posted On Homepage. Will Go to Blog Roll in 20 -30 Days. Super Powerful Link. Title Normally Ranks On First Page in 1 DAY!

You will not see any bad reviews here. We are simply allowing you to guest post on our site. We will not accept Casino, Pharma, Porn, Affiliate Sites, or other bad websites. We will link out to other Authority sites in the post. 

You Want To Rank?

This is how the big boys do it. They guest post on super powerful Authority websites with metrics like this one. I realize that most people are not used to ever seeing Moz Metrics and Majestic Metrics as high as this one and ever dream of being able to post on a site like that. 

Welcome to the Big Boy Club.

This service is for honest blog owners that want to post a guest blog and rank for a key term. This site has the power to rank on the first page of Google for just about any medium level keyword. 

Why So Cheap?

Yes this link would cost $800 to $1,000 dollars normally. I want to get a reputation as a solid seller in the community and there fore I am giving this away to begin for the first 20 to 25 people at this price. We ask that they leave us glowing reviews. 

For that glowing review we will post a 2nd article on another high DA high PA Super Authority site that we own. 

You Want Great Links?

This is not us selling back links. We are paying a writer to write a post. That is why we are legit. We offer Guest Post and pay writers all the time. 

How Can We Do This? 

I write for Search Engine Journal and other magazines. I bought this domain and have not yet started working on it but have not had the time to make it the final project it will be. Time wise I will not have time to build it for at least 2 years. 

While that time passes I need the site to remain powerful. 

That is why I turned it into a blog. We have had a ton of famous people guest post such as the associated press themselves. 

It is powerful. 

I realize I am new in the marketplace so feel free to ask questions. 

We write the post for you to insure quality. If you have a post you want to submit to see if we will accept feel free to do so. 

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We refund if we don't place the link. The only reason we will not place the articles and/or links is because you did not stick to the rules or your site does not fit our criteria. If we miss the deadline. We will refund and still place your article and link on the site. We are just wanting more post on our site and this is a way to make money while doing that. If you are unhappy but we made a great article, linked to your site, and delivered in the time period given. You will not be refunded. Why would we? We are a great seller. We understand that you paid for what you wanted. We are in the U.S. We will deliver what we say we will every time.

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