Are You Making These Six Mistakes With Your Adsense Website?

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Hi Guys,

There seems to be a trend developing lately.

Some people are turning the whole “adsense website setup” arena on its head, and instead of focusing on what you should do to earn more income and how to avoid being banned by Google Adsense team, they point out what you shouldn’t do. Perhaps this is a better way to get certain points across?

OK, I’m game. Here’s my “top six” list of big mistakes people make, and a handy prescription for how to cure what ails your sickly adsense website.

6. Display Ads

Are your Adsense ads displayed as if you were at a car boot sale?


  • Your display ads should be strategically displayed on your website and within the post, where they look like they are part of the post and website.

5. Keyword Research & Niche Selection

Your website is suffering from “robotitis,” an affliction characterized by boring, keyword stuffed content that serves only to fill the blank spots between AdSense ads. If you actually hope to make money, you need emergency attention, fast.


  • The niche should be visual (image galleries play an important role) and viral videos.
  • The niche should have wide-appeal and is a topic people will share on social media. This way there is a huge amount of traffic potential. 

4. Wrong Domain Name

Did you choose your domain name because it sounded better and has nothing to do with your niche? Can you brand your domain name?


  • Choose a domain you can brand
  • The domain name must be broad enough for you to brand and it can include your seed keyword.
3. Website Design

Does your website have a cheap cluttered look and once your visitors get on the site they feel like lost sheep?


  • You need a simple clean design which lets your content and ads stand out.
  • Mobile Responsive: You want your visitors to have a great experience when they are browsing from their mobile and tablets. Plus Google has been pointing out how important this is.
2. Content Layout

Does your content feel like your visitors are in the Amazon forest and not sure where to go next? Does your content read like it was written on a drunken night out because it is generated by an Article Writer software?


  • Make sure to write easy, educative, entertaining and quality posts. Imagine if you needed to explain something to a child or friend, how would you explain it? You want your posts to feel like that to your visitors.
  • List style posts with lots of images do well in terms of conversions for Adsense.
  • Wide content area
  • Small header: This makes it easy to fit both ads and content above the fold.
1. Email List:

Are you building your virtual asset? There is a saying that money is in the list. Most Adsense websites don't build email subscribers.


  • Start building an email list so that you can send them your new published posts. Also you can sell affiliate products to your list. That's double income for you.

Are you feeling a bit lost on how to go about doing the above? 

Has your website dropped it's adsense earnings?

Would you like to make more money with an Adsense website?

Then you need an Adsense Website Audit.

Imagine with an Adsense Audit you will get the following:

  • Why your Adsense earnings have dropped and how to increase them
  • Best website design (WordPress) theme for your niche which maximizes your Adsense conversions
  • Best content layout for your niche
  • How to build an email list fast
  • What to avoid so that you reduce the chances of being banned by the Google Adsense team
  • How to increase your traffic

Plus my own secret weapon on how to increase your organic traffic if you order the Adsense strategy extra. 

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