(Real Estate) PBN Links DA, PA 25+ TF,CF 10+ + Handwritten Article & Extra

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 The reason why you are going to rank in the real estate niche is this gig.

Bold statement none the less. Before you say that there are a lot of PBN link gigs on source market and ask what makes this one so special? Take a look at this scenario. Lets say that there are a 100 PBN link gigs. 25 of them are truly niche related and have nice metrics, and only 5 of them write articles for you. There is only one gig out there that points real estate related PBN links to your site for a low cost, that also has an article made just for you.This is that gig, and it will be done for a low price.This is all done personally by me.

Who will benefit the most from this? Practically anyone in the real estate niche, when you send me your money site (or the site you want to link out to) I will decide which PBN would be the best for you.

What are you getting from this gig?
• Permanent Real Estate Niche PBN Link
• Youtube Embed
• Wikipedia Outbound Link
• Untraceable Link
• 450 Word Handwritten Article
• No Chance Of Footprint
The real question is, is the PBN good?

You can only have 3 links per PBN because I care about the safety of your site. They can all link out to the same page, and you can provide the anchor text.

Know that there are some things I request from you. It is requested that your site is in English and does not contain porn content or gambling content.

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If god forbids the PBN gets a penalty, you will get your money back no questions asked, because I know how it hurts to get screwed over by "good" link providers.