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Network Expert presents:


This is the proven strategy to create PBN sites that WILL PASS MANUAL REVIEWS.

IF you want to waste your hard earned money on PBN domains that get de-indexed within 6 months, then leave now, because this service isn't for you.

Only read the rest of this message, if you care about your PBNs, and you want to invest in them for the long term, giving you an asset that will help you rank and bank for years.

The process:

This is the bulletproof plan to create a PBN domain that will pass manual review, and it is the exact service that we provide in this gig -

  1. Recreate the old pages from the into Wordpress - This takes time, but is worth it! It gives the impression that this site is still controlled by the old owner.
  2. Redirect old urls to the new ones - So for example, we want SEO friendly urls, such as, but the archive shows the old url was The old links were pointing to this "funny" url, so we need to redirect it somewhere. "Why don't you just use link juice keeper?", MAJOR FOOTPRINT, see this article
  3. Add unique theme, sidebar and footer widgets - These help give the appearance that the site is real, and has a real owner, with a real purpose.
  4. Social Profiles with auto post - The ultimate sign of a real website. We create 2 social profiles using the same details and images, link them to the PBN site, and add an author widget to the PBN with the same details and image! Gives the site a real owner, which helps you pass manual review!
  5. Slowly Re-theme Website (extra) - This is a delicate, but highly important process, where we will help re-theme the site to your desired subject. This is done using our secret method.
Stop wasting your money on other setup services that will leave your site open to de-indexing.
Remove your footprints and save guard your PBNs, with the Expert setup service from Network Experts.

Think about this, you can "take the easy option", and have your PBNs setup using the standard "everyones doing it" techniques, but when in 2,3,4 months time, when half the industry is crying about how their blogs got de-indexed, you will be crying with them.
IF you would rather be sitting at your desk, thinking smugly, how you still have 100% of your sites indexed and intact, then you need to take the smarter option today, and purchase a Network Expert PBN setup service.

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