10 Links From 5 Relevant Authoritative PBN Domains

8 days estimated (13 days guaranteed) >

Tell me your niche and keywords, and I'll create 5 unique articles, with 1-2 links to your site in each one, and place them on the most relevant PBN domain I have.

If I don't have any domains in your niche, I'll create new ones specifically for you.

Relevance is very important, but what really matters is authority, and every domain I register has it.

When I create a new article, it will be as follows:

  • 100% unique, and written on a topic that matches the PBN domain and your target article.
  • It will contain 1 or 2 links to your site
  • It will have co-citations (links to other authority sites in your niche)
We will also make sure that each article goes live 2-3 days after the previous one. We're wary of publishing too many too soon and getting you in trouble with the big G.

What Kind Of Links You'll Get From Me

Every PBN Domain will have the following:

  • TF 10+
  • DA 20+
  • No Spam
  • Absolutely unique setup
  • Limited money sites promoted
  • Unique articles
  • 1-2 Links (Usually a homepage link and inner page link per article).
  • 100% Anchor text choice and advice.

Only Care About Results? Fair Enough!

I've never failed to boost the rank of a customer. If you buy this package from me, your target URLs will improve their rankings. Will they get to page one? It's hard to predict for sure. Will they move up? Yes, absolutely.

Look at the screenshot below, this shows some of my results...

The red arrow indicates when I started link building.

As you can see, given enough time, I'll make your traffic quadruple.

How many packages/links you need to get to page one depends on your site itself. If you're unsure, send me a message.

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