30 Expired Tumblr with PA 27+

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2 days on average

Looking for niche specific tumblrs? Check the gig below and i'll make sure you get related niche tumblrs! Note: You'll need to actually purchase the addon for this quality of research to be taken in place into your order. 

Save money and time without needing to invest hundreds into PBN networks and create your own with these tumblrs. There is no question about PA having impact on your link quality.

Above is an image showing serp improvement after 2 days of posting on only 1 tumblr. I would suggest after purchasing thru me to apply at minimum 5 tumblrs to see results similar to these above. Disversify your links as well and you'll certainly see serp improvement ten fold.

I've purchased tumblrs in the past and I wouldn't be pushing this service out to you guys if they didn't jump start rankings for even the most competitive of keywords.

I'd highly suggest purchasing the follow for you first time order customers

  • 25 tumblrs
  • The i'll register addon to avoid detection and to increase the longevitiy of your purchased tumblrs
  • Niche related if you wish to get related backlinks.

UPDATE: I used about 15 of my tumblrs and rankings increased like crazy in less than a few days i saw improvements within my serps overall!

Update: Huge serp leap for another competitive term

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