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Thumb jason berkowitz   avatar
5 months ago
6 days past the guaranteed due date and I still have not received the order. I was told a few days ago that I will have the order in 24 hours. The seller marked the order as delivered and said, he will deliver soon. Still have not received the order.

Update: Another 3 days have gone by and I still have not received a report. DO NOT buy from this seller
Thumb rank 1
5 months ago

I refund you and order was late due to my exam. Thanks

Thumb apollo empire   facebook photo
10 months ago
Default avatar
about 2 years ago
Waited for the last day to close the order that they didn't fulfill, saying that they will send a report within 12 hours, but after 36 hours, still don't reply to my message. That's not how you do business - very disappointed that you can get that service from a Level 6 seller. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Seller just delivered the order and PBNs seem fine, so we'll see.
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about 3 years ago
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about 3 years ago
Good-quality PBNs, thanks!
Thumb rank 1
about 3 years ago


Medium rank 1



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100% refund if i fail to delivery that i advertise.

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