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Renews every 1 Month

This is a monthly subscription service!

This service is located in the East Coast of USA.  

Welcome to my service.  This link is for businesses in the food/beverage/wine niche ONLY.  

Only Accepting 7 clients to keep the OBL low!

Read This Carefully:

If you sign up to this service and you do not have a site that is closely related to food/beverage/wine, your money will be refunded.  Don't do it.

This is a niche service ONLY for food/beverage/wine clients. 

Ok now that I have made myself clear, lets talk about what you are getting with this service.  

Here are the metrics of this site:

TF: 23

CF: 24

DA: 8

PA: 22

This site has a clean bill of backlinks health.  

No spammed out links, all referring domains are relevant.



You will be getting a homepage link strategically placed in 300 words of relevant new content.

In addition to the homepage link, you will also get your own page on the site with relevant images ( I can provide or you can ), a video ( you can provide or I will find one ) As well 500 word bio and/or description of service, citation, and contact form.

Your Doubt Questions answered:

Q:  What type of site is this?

A:  This is an html site related to wine.  It has social icons and map location.

Q:  How are these links placed?

A:  Your link will be added as a resource with 300 words of unique, relevant, readable content on the homepage.  Your link will be added strategically as a resource for people interested in "your type of wine/food/beverage" etc.  

Q:  Why is the price so low?

A:  Because I am a new seller.  As I grow, the prices will grow accordingly.

Q:  Are these home page links?

A:  These are home page links.  

Q:  Why are only food/beverage/wine sites allowed?

A:  Because I'm a niche nazi.  This is a crispy clean network for professional SEO's who do not want to place their links in "PBN's" where the link is going to roll off the page after a very short amount of time.  Also this is not a sweeping "niche relevant" link.  We have all bought "niche relevant" links only to find out our site is on a blog with sites that are waaayyy outside the niche we were expecting.  This is 100% relevant to FOOD/BEVERAGE/WINE.

Q:  Can an exception be made for my site related to food/beverage wine etc.? 

A:  Probably not.  If you want me to take a look at the site in question send me a message.  I will not jeopardize the integrity of this network.

Q:  What if I need more of these links?

A:  Message me and I'll see if I can help you.

Q:  Are there reports after the work is completed?

A:  Come on man you know no one gives out their sites in reports anymore for obvious reasons.  No reports although I can send you a screenshot of the site so you have idea of what you are getting.

Any other questions feel free to contact me.

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Recurring Instructions From Seller:
You will be billed every month. If you are not 100% happy I will give you a refund for the current month's payment. NOTE** THE ADD ONS SHOULD ONLY BE A ONE TIME FEE. THIS SHOULD NOT ADD TO THE MONTHLY RECURRING PRICE OF $15. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS LET ME KNOW AND I'LL MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT.
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