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The Highest Quality and Highest Value Press Release Service You’ll Find Online

Now you don’t have to spend hours writing your own releases only to have them rejected again! With LCT Press Release Service, our team of in house, native english speaking writers will write you an original press release that will get accepted. No spun content, just a custom written article for your press release.

Why A Press Release?

A press release is a great way to get the word out about your company, website, event and/or anything you want to draw attention to online. By distributing a high quality press release article you are not only getting the word out about your announcement but you will also gain high quality and high authoritative natural links back to your website.
These types of links build up trust, authority and diversity to your website’s link profile. All of which are absolute musts in today’s world of internet marketing.

Why LCT Press?

We understand the importance of quality press releases and we use our own press release service for our clients and personal websites so you know the quality is great. Unlike many other fly by night services, LCT Press is not part of any group buy network as we distribute the press releases ourselves entirely.

You will also get 100% guaranteed Google News placement and over 400 high quality and authoritative links from your press release.

This means that your websites and your client’s websites are not seen by a bunch of other internet marketers, offering you peace of mind that your websites are safe.

We are also the first service that offers written for you press releases by in house, native english speakers as well. No spun content, no broken english, just high quality articles that are custom written for you.

Press Release Uses

We use press releases for the following purposes:

  • Pillow Links
  • Social Proof
  • Reputation Management
  • High Authoritative & High Trust Backlinking
  • Company Announcements
  • Events You Want To Draw Attention To
  • Link Diversity
  • And many more!

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