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What Will you Get?

You will get a powerful PBN domain that you can register today and point to your money site for great results.  The domain will be delivered within 24 hours.  It is guaranteed to have the following metrics:

Trust Flow: 15+

Citation Flow: Max 2:1 Ratio with TF

Referring Domains: 15+

All domains come with the Index Guarantee, that if the domain does not index, it will be replaced for free and without question.

As a bonus, you will also receive the 2016 Ultimate PBN Guide with all the details you need on how to setup your Private Blog Network in 2016 safely and effectively, even if you have ZERO prior knowledge!

The Verification Process:

All domain undergo an extensive verification process to ensure they are safe and quality domains.  This rigorous verification process is what allows us to produce such high-quality domains with such consistency.  All domains go through the following checks:

  • Check the domains back links (through Majestic) to ensure it has quality sources pointing to it.  We check for foreign websites, spam, adult/pronography backlinks, or any other unscrupulous sources, all of which will eliminate the domain before it EVEN reaches you.
  • Check to make sure power is spread between multiple backlinks adequately.  Ensure links are high-quality, non-spam and are buried well enough that there is little chance they will be removed.
  • Check the anchor text for natural diversity and dispersion, and to see if it contains foreign or other red flag anchors.  Many people ignore anchors with PBN domains, and although they don't affect the actual link juice passed to your money site, it does contain signs that the domain has been abused, penalized, or will refuse to index.  Any red flags will result in the elimination of the domain.  
  • Check the past usage of the domain on the Wayback Machine at  Check to see if it has been abused in the past, or if there is evidence it has been previously used as a PBN.  

Why is it so cheap?

Rest assured, it is NOT because I skip on quality at all.  

Rather, I am simply a brand new seller here on Source Market, so I'm looking to offer a fantastic value service in order to build a reputation (and get some positive reviews going!) quickly!



How on earth can you provide quality domains at this price while still staying within 24 hours!?  

I carry a strict maximum order queue of only 5.  That means, I will never carry any more orders than I know that I can fulfill to a very high standard.  If you're looking at this, then that means I have less than 5 orders queued right now and I am available to take yours.  

My business model is not built on churning out 100 shit domains per day.  As said earlier, my prices will go up.  My business model is reliant on fulfilling a smaller number of orders to a very high standard and and building a good reputation over time so that we can raise prices later.  

What kind of TLDs can I expect?

As a general rule, I stick to the basics (com, net, org, co, ca).  All of these TLDs look natural for an English website to have.  If you will allow me to go outside of these TLDs, please specify in the order.  I can very possibly provide you with a more powerful PBN with better metrics.  These other TLDs will still look natural as part of your link profile, as long as there is only one or two of them (and your Network isn't composed primarily of odd TLDs).  

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Refund Rate

Absolutely no refunds. We do have a free domain replacement policy as part of our Index Guarantee, but refunds will not be issued once the order has been submitted.

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