High PR 400 PBN Links for Tier 2- Mentioned in Source University Course Once

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For years,( 2012 to early 2015)with little mix of link and anchor diversity;this gig was able to rank pretty good keywords on its own strength pretty consistently. In affiliates training module videos of Source University 2014,it was recommended (WF thread http://goo.gl/Kyayoq was shown) It is a mass PBN links service which bring a lot of IP diversity and juice. This still works for ranking YT videos and parasites,when done with proper anchors/link diversity.

Right now, the best way is to use these PBN links is via high DA links ie tier 2. Get your lists of top 30-40 high PR/DA links( so called parasites) and then hit this gig for 1-3 times.

Spun content is used for these posts. Content uniqueness is given more focus than the readability. These posts should be used for tier 2  with a list of 100-200+ anchors. You will get 400 contextual blogpost links per gig. Your link will be surrounded by a paragraph of text in your niche.Older blogs in the networks were chosen according to PR (PR1-3+ mostly) and newer blogs are mostly DA 10+.

 Each post will have 2-3 paragraphs. Each paragraph will contain 1 link of a client with niche related spun content around the link. Around 50-70% indexation happen within 1-2 weeks of posting. Posts are dripped over a week. So,TAT is around 9 days.

There is NO link report. This is for the protection of PBN and there is no exception made to this rule.I double check few samples to make sure everything is done as they should be.You may see 5-10% of links in majestic or ahrefs. But,it is hardly reliable. If you do not trust,please avoid this gig.This gig is mostly for my old clients and referrals. You may PM me if you have any questions.

Give your urls and anchors. Max 20 urls and unlimited anchors per gig.You may give a Youtube video url which will be embedded in 25-30% of posts.

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