Page 1 in 200 TF 40-60+ Links: Google News, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Mktplace

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Small page 1 results 24 hours
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Want to be featured on Google News & get PAGE 1 search results for your long tail keywords in 24 hours?

We will write a newsworthy article and distribute your Press Release to Google News, plus 200+ Premium Authority Links, including Bing News, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and Marketplace, as well as hundreds of major local news outlets that will syndicate your content!

Plus, add the "video" extra below and get your Youtube video featured in your press release!

Once your press release is released for distribution, as a result of syndication and backlinks from high authority news websites, you will start to rank on Page 1 of Google's search results for the longtail keywords in your press release title in as little as 1 hour, and at most 24 - 48 hours!

(Want our fastest service, plus additional options like embedded video or Yahoo! Finance distribution? Make sure to check out our extras at the bottom of this gig!)

These are PREMIUM AUTHORITY Channels
 That Get You or Your Clients Seen!
(Most have TF40 - TF60+ and PR4 - PR9)

  • Syndicated To Major News Sites
  • $369+ Press Distribution Value
  • 300+ Word Press Releases
  • 200+ Mainstream Backlinks
  • Major Search Engine Visibility
  • Massive RSS Distribution
  • Syndicated To Major News Sites
  • Picked Up By Online Newspapers
  • Picked Up By TV & Radio News Sites
  • Picked Up By Broadcast Stations
  • Picked Up By Associated Press (AP)
  • Placement In Google News
  • Placement In Yahoo! News (*add extras)
  • Placement In Bing News
  • Placement On Financial Sites
  • Self-Subscribed Journalists & Bloggers
  • Place Up To Three Keyword Links (*add extras)
  • Rich Media Image Attachments
  • Rich Media Video Embedding
  • Massive Social Media Exposure


No References to Inappropriate, Illegal or Sexually Explicit Material

News organizations are professional, and if they can't print your news as a front-page story, it doesn't belong (and won't be accepted) in a press release.

The following is a partial list of topics that are banned:

  • mortgage, payday, cash, short-term or long-term loan services
  • sexually explicit/adult
  • escort services
  • sexual enhancement products or supplements
  • radical or political opinion/view
  • radical religious opinion/view
  • intent to harm or defame or enact revenge
  • use of the words "scam", "fraud", etc
  • stock ticker symbols in any form
  • online gambling
  • health supplements, pharmaceuticals, or any release making health claims of any kind
  • psychic services
  • electronic cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco
  • advertisements
  • personal opinions, blog posts, or opinion pieces
  • anything that seems inappropriate along the lines of what is mentioned above will also likely be rejected

We are partnered with both PressCable and PressAdvantage. People buy the same distribution service you're getting for $159, all day, every day and that's if they write the press releases themselves! To have the press releases written for you would typically add an additional $100 - $300 per press release!

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Welcome. This is Leo. I am one of those "5-9" people who is attempting to make a living online. I've been doing this for 8+ years now and has a wide range of experience mean, the ups and downs of success and failure in this industry. I specialize in SEO, build niche websites and affiliate marketing.