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Our press release service can help your business or organization get reach and publicity on the web across search engines, blogs, and websites in short period of time. This is a complete hand free service in which one of our experience writer will write an informative search engine optimized press release about your site,product or service. After which we will submit your press release to Prbuzz, Sbwire or Release wire, My Pr Genie and 10 Bonus Press release sites.

Get Website Traffic & Publicity with Economical Network's Press Release Service:

As we use search engine optimized press release, our aim is to not just create the publicity of your news but generate good number of high PR quality backlinks from hundreds of news & media sites and blogs. These backlinks can boost your search engine rankings which will result in increase traffic to your site. Millions of people search for businesses like yours and our press release service can put your offer in front of them.

Guaranteed Google News Inclusion:

Our Press Release Service will guarantee your news story into major news portals like Google News. This will help grab attention of millions of people.

Huge Distribution:

Each of the pr site we submit to like SBwrite, PRBuzz, MyPrGenie further syndicate your press release to hundreds of news sites and journals. A lot of these press releases get posted to premium Journals like:

Digita Journal
ABC Network

Please note that we will only provide links from sbwire, prbuzz, myprgenie and 10 more sites in our report.

So Here's the Recap of What you will get:

✔ 1 Unique Press Release Creation/Writing for you
✔ Submission to Sbwire, Prbuzz, MyPrgenie and 10 more sites
✔ Guaranteed Approval with live links from all sites
✔ Guaranteed Google News Indexing

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