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There's a very good chance that content is one of the cornerstones of your business. It's how you attract new clients, spread the word about your brand, and strengthen your online presence.

So why aren't you getting the highest quality content possible?

Admit it. You know you could be doing better.

Stop cutting corners and start getting high quality content that works.

High quality content is Important.

And when you choose to work with us, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg either.

These are the articles, blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, and informational content which not only represent your business and and your brand. Your content represents you.

Don't you want your content to be the best?

Not good, not great, but the best?

And for those of you looking to improve your SEO, it's time to admit that we're not living in 2004 anymore. As you no doubt know by now, search engines are much more selective about the kind of content that makes it to the first page of their results—and it's no longer a keyword stuffed 500 word article written by someone who sort of understands the English language, or worse, uses a “spinner.” Search engines now crave rich, informative content. There's also plenty of data which suggests that in many cases, long form content is better.

But you don't want content just for machines, do you?

Machines aren't going to pay your bills.

But your customers will.

Let's forget the search engines for a moment. Content—great content, specifically—will have a lasting impact on the real live humans who read it.

In other words, your customers, clients, and potential business partners.

If you're providing content to your clients that screams “amateur hour” or makes potential customers raise an eyebrow at how poorly written it is, this doesn't just reflect poorly on your brand—it reflects poorly on you.

If your goal is to provide your clients with the best possible experience, then high quality content must be a part of your overall strategy. There's no way out of it. Content matters more than ever before.

What we've been talking about here is all my actual opinion. However, it is an opinion that has been formed by fact, as described by many, many, many, reputable sources.

Yes, I'm trying to “sell” you on the idea of working with me and allowing my team and I to research, prepare, and write your content. But this is the exact same thing I would tell a friend asking for advice. Please consider it.

I would be absolutely delighted to write as much content as you need, within your deadline, and for a reasonable price that matches your budget.

Samples are available upon request.

If you're ready to take action and get noticed for the right reasons, contact me though here. 

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