Permanent HOMEPAGE PBN Links - Insane Rankings!!

3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >
2 days on average

We are here to give you the best niche specific PERMANENT HOMEPAGE PBN links, fully done for you - Penalty free GUARANTEED

Why permanent homepage?

Cause if the posts roll of to the inner pages, you lost most of the power. Therefore, we limited the amount of posts per blog for maximum quality.

Besides that:

Look at the time, energy and resources that go into building your own PBN links. You have to find a good link, you have to buy it, often register it when it’s an expired domain, host it, create an article and link out. All for one link.  Let’s see the estimated costs for just one link:

Buy a good domain: 50 – 150$
Host it: 20 – 40$ / year
Get an article: 10$
Total cost for one link: $80 - $200,-

That’s considered quite a normal range. In this example the time it costs is not even counted.

Why not mix in a few high quality links that are cheaper than this, permanent homepage backlinks and the beautiful part: done for you 100%

Network Specifics


What you will get:

  • 100% Spam free – penalty checked PBN Link
  • Permanent Homepage Links
  • Average metrics: TF 15+ CF 15+ DA 10+ PA 15+
  • Every blog is designed to look 100% Real with unique quality Themes
  • Different A, B and C Class unique IP’s with unique whois information and name servers to guarantee your safety.
  • Insanely great Niche websites: Clean backlink history – Archive Checked – You decide the anchor text
  • 100% Unique content that passes Copyscape Guaranteed
  • No interlinking of the sites/blogs to one another
  • Maximum of 10-20 OBL on each blog
  • Clean backlink history since we do not accept Gambling, Adult, Pharma, etc.
  • No ads or any affiliate links
  • All links are Do Follow and will stay on the homepage Permanently
  • Choose your own media (images/videos) or let us pick them, by selecting how you want it yourself to look even more natural.

All of this for just $5,- instead of the usual $80 - $200,-

I provide a report with a screenshot of the article, your link placement and a majestic screenshot of the PBN metrics.

All my sites are on TOTALLY DIFFERENT IP’s. We do not use cheap 1$ hostings as we have much better solutions to diversify the IP classes. Our hosting is split up all around the world.

What users are saying about this gig

Here are some rankings that occurred through this gig:


We do not accept:
Adult,Payday,Gambling,Illegal money sites.



Do you provide report?
Yes! you will get complete report after work done.

Are your PBN sites indexed in Google?
Yes, all our PBN sites are well indexed in Google.

Can i see Samples?
Yes! Please Pm me for samples

Is this a onetime fee?
Yes, we charge onetime fee and links are permanent

What’s the quality of these Links/ Sites?
Every site has extraordinary DA, TF, CF, and PA. Your links will be top quality from High Authority site built to look 100 % natural

What niche Category I have to choose from?
Just choose the one that fits the subject of your money site.

What will the content be like?
All articles should be 400 – 700 words long, Hand written and unique.

Do you accept foreign language keywords/website?
Yes, we do - although your content will be in English.

How many URL and Keywords are allowed?
Everyone has their own SEO plan. So you should know the ratio of keywords for better ranking. We recommended use long tail keywords for long-term results. We can accept unlimited keywords and URL.

What is Turn Around Time?
Normal TAT is 7 to 12 days. We can rush the order upon our client request.

What is your Refund Policy and Ranking Guarantee?
I wanted to make this section extremely clear. We are selling quality PBN links. We are not selling guarantees here. You have to make good Link building plan with our quality PBN links. We will deliver what we described.

There is no refund once we started placing links. You can ask refund or cancel your order within 24 hours.


 Any questions? Let me know through PM.

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