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We work in a white-hat fashion to make any website appear on Google's front page for 100's of important keywords at once. The more you use it, the more traffic (and sales) you get. We Create Thousands of Webpages You Actually Need To DRIVE GREAT TRAFFIC, and DRIVE YOUR SALES for Free. We can easily drive you website's rank up, so that you can show up on Google for the keywords you want. And there's no end to your reach...
1st Rule - Make use of everything you can on offer in http://market.source-wave.com/ & http://source-wave.com/university/ .
2nd Rule – We make use of your end product 

The client wanted pages for 12 suburbs in Cape Town using +-150 keywords
Here is an example of a webpage the client wanted cloned:
Here is a sub-domain:
Here is the master-sitemap with the top 10 keywords:
Here is a link to a sub-sitemap from the master-sitemap:
Here is one of the pages from the sub-sitemap:

Every single page in this sub-domain are connected to one another as per http://source-wave.com/university/ tips & tricks.
The quality, the way the website look, it’s SEO setup and anything else regarding this example provides above, has nothing to do with what we do.
We take a website and clone in with areas & keywords, interlinking every cloned site.
We create 7 – 10 main pages for you to make use of PBN’s and so forth.
$295-00   -   2,500 Cloned Sites
$395-00   -   3,500 Cloned Sites
$495-00   -   4,650 Cloned Sites – Can be split over 2 domains or sub-domains
$695-00   -   7,250 Cloned Sites – Can be split over 3 domains or sub-domains
$895-00   - 10,000 Cloned Sites – Can be split over 4 domains or sub-domains

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